Epic TMNT Party is happening!

Fandom is a wonderful thing when we come together.  And I can’t be more excited to say congrats to Jared.  Jared is a TMNT fan who is following his dream of throwing a huge party.  To throw the size of the party he wanted to throw he needed help from the fandom.  And the fandom answered to his call for help with donating over $38,000 towards the party and the tickets are still on sale!  What type of party would get so much funding?  One that has something for everyone who decides to go.

Epic TMNT Party 2014

Picture yourself in a crowd of TMNT fans, seeing live music and the Turtles are there dancing to the toons!  Up on stage songs such as “Ninja Rap” and “T U R T L E Power” are being performed by their original artist.  Pizza is delivered.  And guests from TMNT medias are there for this party.  This is an event that could only be done by the fans for the fans.

Review: Detroit Fanfare 2013

2013 Detroit Fanfare has rolled around.  This year shows the growth of the event as they used the same location as they did last year, but took up a bit more space.  Adding another dealer room to the mix.  Miki and I checked out two days of Detroit Fanfare getting to talk with the vendors, guests and enjoy some of the panels they had to offer.  Here’s my review of Detroit Fanfare 2013.

Miki and I got to Detroit Fanfare on Friday, we were there kind of late just to pick up our badges.  We had just enough time to peek into the dealer room and find a few friends to say hello.  On our way out we bumped into our friends doing the DLUX Entertainment Expo this upcoming March.  They had new flyers and TMNT guests listed.  We spent our evening hanging out in the lobby, catching up with them and other friends.

Review: Power-Con 2013

On Friday, September 13 2013, me and my dad flew out to Torrance, California for the annual event "Power-Con". This was my first time ever visiting California. I was very excited to meet up with my friends Michele and Miki Ivey, who had traveled to the hotel that afternoon to set up for the con. Me and my dad had arrived at LAX Friday morning and made our way to the hotel to settle in. Friday afternoon we met up with Michele and Miki at the hotel, which is when I met Fugitoid. The five of us soon after made our way to Robbie Rist's Rock N Roll pizza show. We all had a great time, and it was a night I'll never forget spending time with friends.

The next day, I made my way to the convention. It was a lot of fun walking around and talking to people. The first panel we attended was the voices of the TMNT panel. Cam Clark, Townsend Coleman, Greg Cipes, and Christian Lanz all put on a good panel that everyone enjoyed.

Review: Power Con 2013

Conventions are a great way to pass the time.  If you can find a con that covers something you enjoy, it becomes a pass time, a space for networking, learning and collecting.  Which is only a few of the reasons I highly encourage people to go to conventions.  Usually for me it’s running from one event to another in hopes to say hi to a few people along the way.  Power Con was no exception to that rule.  Being a guest did not make it any easier, as I had a booth to run and panels to host.  Here is a write up about Power Con.  Each panel that I went to will not only get their own write up, though the full panels will be uploaded with their reviews.

Turtle Van at Power Con

Power Con is coming up!  With so many awesome people going to be on the guest list.  In this video I get to take some time with Jason Ybarra who is one of the guests that will be at Power Con with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle van.  Check out the video!

Find out more about the Van here:

Find out more about Power Con:

Power Con 2013

Power Con is coming up this month.  So I wanted to say a few things about this for the fans who do not know what Power Con is.  This is a convention that covers He-Man, ThunderCats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Held in California this year it hosts over 30 TMNT guests alone.  It is the perfect event for fans to come to for the chance to meet some of the great talents that bring the Turtles to life in the different medias.  See rare items and hang out with fellow fans.  Here’s a bit of what I’m hoping to see with Power Con 2013.

Event Review: TMNT: NEW ANIMATED ADVENTURES Signing w/writer Kenny Byerly!

IDW Publishing recently released the new Animated Adventures of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This is a new comic book series based on the cartoon.  Much like Archie Comic’s had a comic based on the original cartoon series.  The second issue just came to stores last Wednesday and one Comic Book shop decided that this was something for the fans to celebrate in Pasadena, CA.  Collector's Paradise  did not just bring in the writer for the first two issues of these comics, though they managed to get a Turtle Van to have parked out front and two artist to come in and draw Turtles for the fans who showed up.  This was a welcome surprise to me, since I am currently staying in South Pasadena.  Here is my review of this fun meet and gre

SDCCI: IDW TMNT Panel 2013

Comic Con International had four TMNT panels this year.  The first of these four was the IDW Panel based on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman.  This panel was to discuss the future of the TMNT series, what we've known, what we don't know and where they're going.  How characters came into the story and how the story could change through the different writers.

Review: Comic Con International 2013

I would like to think that I have going to conventions down to an art form.  I’ve been one of the kids who grew up upon convention floors, running through Sifi, horror, comics, and anime cons.  I’ve done cosplay, panels, sold, shop, worked, and so much more.  Conventions is a high light that is to be enjoyed, an event where people who have a common interest can come together to embrace what makes them happy.  Though here comes Comic Con International.  The largest of the events I go too and one of the hardest one for me to get through.  With overnight camping, long lines, huge crowds, and cattle herding security.  This is my fifth time going to Comic Con International and I still need to find away to where I can handle this event to enjoy, instead of feeling like I’m always on the run.  Here is my review of San Diego Comic Con International 2013.