Cowabunga Corner 114: The end of the Party Turtle

There are some things that are hard for people to talk about, for me it’s the end of the party Turtle days.  I truly enjoyed wearing my Turtle costume to bring joy to those around me.  Only for that to be torn away from me, because of something I could not control.  In this video is the story of just why I stopped doing the birthday parties and more.

I do want to say that wearing costumes for live crowds is one of the best feelings in the world.  Being able to make people smile and laugh.  Bringing imagination and happiness to children.  This is what I enjoyed.  This is what I miss.  And this is what I think of everytime I see a costume character.  So when I watch movies where they make it look like a bad job, like people get hurt, or that these are low end actors who just can’t find a real job.  They don’t know what they’re talking about.  It’s a true challenge to convince a live crowd that you are their hero, as there is no script or cheat sheet to go by.  It’s all real time and you have to be able to pull it off.  That is acting.  And once you can do that, you are the key to some of these children’s favorite memories.

Next time on Cowabunga Corner: Mark Bode painting some of his father’s characters in the Bronx.

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Michele Ivey
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Leatherhead's picture

Thank you for sharing this story Michele. You used your time as Michelangelo to make a lot of people happy, and that is something no cease and desist order can take away. You really embodied the character, and made it possible for kids to spend some time with one of their heroes. Even without the costume you continue to make TMNT fans happy, and in that sense, you still are and always will be a turtle.