2012 Classic TMNT Toys

COWABUNGA!  That is the best way to express how I’m feeling right now as some wonderful news has been released from Playmate Toys and Nickelodeon, brand new TMNT toys!  With photos.  The first set of  toys are based on the Classic TMNT look, for us old school fans who love the original cartoon series.  They have released images of all four Turtles from this new series of toys and I cannot wait to see these on the shelves at stores.

Looking at these new toys, there’s a whole new style to them that gives them more of that old cartoon feel without going into the “Toon Turtle” toy series.  It’s a more serious style, yet at the same time has the round curves of the show. I do like is that each Turtle face is different. They all look like they’re in this for battle. The only one I wish they didn’t do this for is Michaelangelo, as even in a fight with the old series he was usually smiling.

Based on the photos, I’m going to give my thoughts on these Classic Turtle toys, starting with Michaelangelo.  Yes I’m spelling his name with the extra “a” when talking about these toys since they are based off of the early 1990’s when his name was spelled that way.  Would of been cool if they did that nod to the old spelling as well.

But back to the toy itself, Michelangelo looks awesome! I wish his face wasn’t so angry being based on the old school Mikey. These new toys are very articulated, which is great in some areas like the hands.  Though I’m not thrilled about the one in the middle of their plastron.  The Turtles are just that, Turtles they don’t bend there.  They’re not human, they have a shell in the way and that is something I’ve always respected about the toys in the past.  So that is my first pet peeve with this new design.  Though one I can get over fast.  Another point I am disappointed about with Michaelangelo is the chucks. While we have an awesome chain attaching the chucks now instead of that plastic that would break from back in the day, we have a chain that is to long.  It doesn’t have the right look for his old chucks, as they had a proper shorter chain.

I do LOVE the belt and the detail on the M on the belt is great.  I fear the back of the belt on Mike though is going to be just as hard to get the toys in and out as it looks to be a loop.  But since we don’t have any shell photos of him, it’s hard to see just how the belt really looks.  I can’t wait for more to be released.

Next up, Donatello.  He looks great. Again, I love the new belts.  With him I noticed they added a strap, like the original toys use to have.  Though the Leonardo and Donatello did not have this strap in the cartoon series.  This is a lot different from the toy straps though, as it’s very thick and one strap instead of two.  This strap kind of reminds me of the Donatello belt from the original movies, besides for the fact the “D” from the old toys and show is clearly marked on it.  A great touch and just so detailed that I love it.

Once again, the articulation in the middle of the pastron is a bit annoying and not needed.  A lot of new toys today have articulated chest areas, though if they’re not meant to bend right there than there shouldn’t be a point of articulation right there.  Donatello’s bo staff looks a lot like his old ones in the photos, which isn’t a problem since his bo staff was always great.

Raphael has a wonderful expression on his face.  While he wasn’t as serious and mean in the original cartoon series, I still think this fits him.  It would have been better if they went with a smirk, to show his wit, but I do like this toy.  I don’t know if it’s the lighting or that I don’t really see a photo of the four toys standing next to each other, but it almost looks as if Raph, Leo and Don are the same color.  This disappoints me, as I would think they would go with the original skin colors, and right now Michaelangelo is the most different from the group.  Raph’s skin should really look different from Leo and Don’s.   Other than that, he looks great.  The sais are okay, not realistic but still really good. It will be great to have his sais the proper color without having to color them yourself. 

As a kid, the Leonardo toy was always the one that gave me the most trouble.  His belt and swords would break.  I’m hoping that this Leo does not give the same problems I had with the original one.  So far, though, this new Leonardo looks to have the same belt design as the new Donatello, with one strap instead of two for his swords.  It’s a much thicker strap so maybe it will not break as much.  I still need to see the back of their belts to judge the weapon holding loops.  Leo has my favorite expression out of the Turtles.  It looks like he’s ready for battle, but thinking out a plan to shout out to the others.

Overall, these four toys look GREAT and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on them for the collection. I’ll be buying doubles for in and out of package.  Once they’re in my hands I’ll try and give a better review on how good these toys really are.  In the meantime check out the page where my information comes from.

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What are your thoughts on these toys?  Comment below!


Updated  Cowabunga Corner Video Review of Classic Toys Wave 1


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Phoenix's picture

All four are different colors. It is just that Mike has a more contrasting green. The other three are just a small shade different. I might not have noticed, if it were not for the super high def monitor. lol

Hi Mich.

When I read on the Drome this was a review I thought you'd got hold of a batch of these in the plastic :)

Really looking forward to these new TMNT toys. It is very likely that I'll be waiting a little longer for a UK release though.

Michele Ivey's picture

I really wish I did get my hands on these, that would of been cool. Though no, just doing a review of what I see in the photos.

With being over seas, can't you buy them from any internet sites like Ebay?

I want them...i want them all u____________u

So really, its more of a First Impression than a review :). Either way, a good read.

I sure can buy these on import, and have done with TMNT before via helpful US fans. Just would like these released earlier so kids etc can also share the goodness.


These look great! Thanks Michele! :)

Man cant wait until these come out because these will be my newest part to my collection......Ahhhh just come out already.

they should of done them shade of greens in the 2k3 toy line

when will they come?links to buy??

Michele Ivey's picture

These toys will not be released till August. Sorry. I do not have any links to buy as of yet.

thank you very much for the information.can't wait.i believe in august we will know and links to buy them.possible amazon and ebay will have them