CC: November 2014 Updates

Youmacon is already over for this year?  It just started.  Sad but true though, the four days of Youmacon goes by too fast every year and leaves everyone always wanting more.  This year was no difference with all the great guests, panels, staffs and friends that attended.  I am proud to say that I got a break from the insane life that I’ve been living to breath and see friends.

This is not going to be my full review of the convention, as it’s early in the morning and I don’t have the time to do video editing to go with the review as I intend to do.  I really just wanted to jump on and say sorry to everyone for the lack of fresh stories these last two weeks.  If you’re keeping up with my facebook, you know my life has been beyond busy and taking time to sit back and write, film and even edit is hard to do right now.  Does not mean I don’t try, as I have a full schedule of toy reviews planned for both November and December, as well as Season 6 of Cowabunga Corner.

For those who do not follow my Facebook page, here’s a fast low down of what has been keeping me at bay from filming and writing.  I did the summer travels for events and returned to Michigan in early August, only to find that my house was one of the homes hit by the Michigan Flood on August 11th.  It took weeks to clean out our basement.  During that time I went to Geek Fan Expo, as my only break.  Once I was done with cleaning out the basement, I went to New York City Comic Con for a weekend.

I returned to Michigan and had to start working on a move.  Yes, a move.  If all goes as plan, I will be relocating to the West Coast.  We are moving out of our house in Ferndale, which means right now I am going through the fun of packing and moving stuff.  My parents have already got a new place, which is where a lot of stuff is going right now.  Even this last Wednesday I filled up a moving truck, and unloaded it to return to the rental place all within six hours.  Life has been busy.  My most recent break came on Thursday with Youmacon.

What does the move mean for Cowabunga Corner?  Stories can be a little tough to get up in time, but I will keep working on getting them up.  We do not want to neglect this website, as I do know many who enjoy what we have to offer here.  The Sewer set will some day be out of Cowabunga Corner.  I will film most of Season Six there, and try to film other random episodes for future seasons, at some point we will run out.  Hopefully we’ll be able to built a new and better set for the show.  Any suggestions, just comment below.

This also means more chances for interviews on Cowabunga Corner for the current TMNT stuff.  Being in California, we’ll try and keep in touch with our friends at Nickelodeon and IDW to hopefully bring news everyone can enjoy.  We may even expand our interviews to some of the other topics we cover from movies, toys, comics and more.  This is a chance to open new doors for guest bloggers as well, would love to film more with Andre from Black Nerd Comedy. 

This is big news for Cowabunga Corner, while it is already in progress I do not know when I will be relocated as we do not have a place in the areas we’re looking.  Updates on this move will be shared when we have real news to share.  Thanks for understanding and hope you enjoy the stories that will continue you coming here on Cowabunga Corner.  


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