CCN : Cinemassacre Interview from Shell Shock

Cowabunga Corner went to Shell Shock a TMNT Art show on June 3rd. This is one of the interviews that we got while at the event. Cinemassacre was at Shell Shock covering the event, interviewing artist and people there. Once we got talking, I learned that these were some of the people from the "Michelangelo Pizza Taste Test" video.

Anyone who has not seen it yet, check out the Pizza Taste testing video here:

Stephanie Yuhas was the one doing the interviews at Shell Shock, and she did take a moment to interview me as well. So do keep an eye on cinemassacre for their interview with me. Also make sure to check them out every Tuesday this summer to see what new TMNT video they come up with! Should be an interesting ride.

We have a full coverage video of Shell Shock coming soon with video of the art, more interviews, and even video of the Turtle van that came to the show! Keep an eye here on Cowabunga Corner for this awesome video coming soon!

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Cinemassacre's review of "Shell Shock"

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