Cowabunga Corner #125: Youmacon 2007 TMNT Panel




In this episode I share video footage from the first TMNT panel I was a mod at.  This was at Youmacon 2007 in Troy, Michigan.  With the voices of Michelangelo and Leonardo from the 4Kids series as the true guests of honor.  I was picked to run the panel since I was a staff member and everyone knew I am a huge Ninja Turtles fan.  At this time I have also gone to a lot of conventions, and had an idea of what panels were like.


Michael and Wayne were wonderful guests.  I first met both of them in 2003, so I know many of their answers for some of the most asked questions.  To get ready for this panel, I sat down and wrote down some of the most asked questions as a remember.  I also came up with some questions in which I did not know the answer for.  I know that I personally get annoyed when I go into a panel and the moderator sits up there asking all the questions not giving the crowd a chance to ask questions, so my goal was to not let that happen.  Giving a brief intro to the panel, I opened up with questions and asked the crowd if they had questions.  If no hands raised, I would ask another question.  This kept the panel moving, with no dead quiet time.


Phoenix was on camera at this convention.  We had no clue that one day we would be doing Cowabunga Corner, sharing any of this footage.  There was no tripod, so the footage is not the most steady.  It is still fun to have on file to show us in action at events.  Also with me is Fae, a member of TMNT-L who use to travel to a lot of events with me, even though she’s from the west coast.  Our friend Crittle is here as well, Crittle is a huge fan of Venture Brothers and Michael is her favorite character in that series.  Miki also managed to be at this panel, with some of her friends that she was hanging out with at the time.  My friends helped me a lot in getting ready, and running the panel.  I am so thankful for them.


The panel started off at a decent size and turned out to be standing room only for most of the panel.  It was not the biggest room at the convention center, though it was fun to know that we did bring in a bigger crowd than they thought we would have.


I still do panels when conventions ask me too, if brought in as a guest for conventions I’ll be happy to work panels through the weekend on different subjects of TMNT.  There is so much that can be shared and talked about.  I try to keep the panels on subject, nonstop, and fan friendly.  I hope that this is something we achieve at every event who asks us to attend.


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Guests: Michael Sinterniklaas and Wayne Grayson

Host: Michele Ivey

Panel helpers: Fae & Crittle


New footage - Miki

Old footage - Phoenix

Editing: Phoenix

Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski


Sponsor: Weird Review


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