Cowabunga Corner #3

In 2009 a TMNT movie made for TV came out called “Turtles Forever” it was aired by 4Kids in November. This movie ia cross over between the different versions of the Ninja Turtles and is a movie that all fans should give a chance. People may be surprised with the way it turns out.

In this episode I will cover my thoughts on “Turtles Forever”. What I liked and did not like about the movie. I warn you now, there are spoilers about the movie through the blog. So see the movie before watching the blog. These are just my personal views of the movie, it does not reflect the views of any other fan.


Please feel free to do a review of “Turtles Forever” and connect them as a video reply.

Back ground music is : “Number 1″ by Goldfrapp

If anyone from Viacom is reading this: Please! Please! Please give us a DVD release of “Turtles Forever”!

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