Cowabunga Corner #4

In this episode I speak about “Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation”. A series that was loved when it was aired, though is now left in the dark for the most part.

I personally still enjoy the Next Mutation and encourage anyone who have not seen it to give it a try before judging it. A try is more than the first few episodes. Check out some of the later episodes like “Trust Dr. Quease” and “Unchain My Heart”.

In this episode, I do use a little bit of footage from my visit to the set of the Next Mutation. There will be an episode more focused on the visit, where I talk about what I did and saw. Along with more video footage from the set.

Also this episode is the first where we give a sneak peak at what is to come on the blog. We will not do this with every blog, but from time to time we will throw in some footage to lead up to some of the new things to come so people can see we got a lot on the way. The sneak peak shows some of my collection, filming with VH1, the sewers from the Next Mutation and the Words and Pictures Museum with Kevin Eastman.

If anyone from Viacom is reading this I do ask, please, give North America a DVD release of Ninja Turtles : The Next Mutation! Bonus Features would be nice, making of video, interviews, commentary. There is a fan base out there that would like this series on DVD.

Music in this episode:
“Prelude to Common Sense” by Hypnostate

Next episode:
“Opening Words and Pictures Museum 1994″

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