Cowabunga Corner Halloween Review Video!


Happy Halloween from Cowabunga Corner!  With Halloween being tomorrow we wanted to give our own Holiday touch to Cowabunga Corner by doing a review that touches both TMNT and the fun of wearing costumes.  This is still a product review, so is treated as just with a video.  We go over the product, show the product as it is meant to be and give final thoughts.  Hope everyone enjoys this different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review.

If you’ve clicked to watch the video beyond the Pumpkin face than you know that this review covers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Corset and Deluxe Boyshorts.  Two items being sold in Halloween stores across the Country.  Seeing how both items were found at a different store in a different state it is safe to assume these are easy to find for those who are interest. 

I am going to start off by saying this is not the type of clothing that I buy, would buy or would want as a gift.  If I ever got anything like this, it would go straight into the collection to never be worn.  Even when I was skinny, I never liked showing too much flesh, and prefer the large foam costumes that hide everything including your face.  I also know when I teased that we might reviewed this item that some fans openly stated that they did not like the sex appeal of the corset.  With that being said, this review is not for the fans like us.  As every fan has a difference in their taste and what they enjoy.  And each and every fan deserves to have the option of finding what they enjoy on the market.  This review is for the those interested in these items.

Joining me for the video review is my good friend Alopex, a fellow Cowabunga Corner viewer who met up with me at a convention earlier this year and started to join us for other events.  She mentioned that she got her hands on the Corset and had interest in filming a review with me.  Both of the items in this review are part of Alopex’s collection now, and I am honored that she wanted to take the time to share it with the fandom.  I personally don’t know much about clothes, how they’re made or what to look for.  When Alopex designs her own dresses and knows fashion a lot better than me.

Together Alopex and I join our thoughts on the products as you would see them in the store.  With just their tags on them.  After we discuss both the corset and the boyshorts, she puts them on and shares about how it feels to wear and the fit.  This does work for her, as seen in the video.  Though I did get contacted by another fan who almost bought the corset and found that the cup size was too small, and since these are one size fits all corsets the store did not have any answer for her problem. 

Sadly the size of good clothing is a normal problem for adult fans.  While some clothes such as T-shirts and hats do come out in adult sizes there’s a lot more choices made for children or smaller adults.  I often find myself stopped in my tracks as I want to get a cool t-shirt, only to see it’s made for youths.  The options are not always out there for people in different sizes, be it shirt size, cup size, or even pants. 

Alopex does have some notes to add which she did not get to bring up in the video footage.

"When purchasing this corset, size as you would a bra. The first and most outer row of eyelets should just fit. Always size to the first row of eyelets, as the three tiered system is designed to ensure the product continues to fit as the stretchy material of the bra/corset loses it's elasticity over time with repeated wear and laundering."

Both the corset aka Bustier and boyshorts are made by Amscan Inc.  For Women in the US the sizes are up to 8.  If you’re looking at getting the corset, please do make sure it fits before spending too much on the product. 

A big shout out and Thank You to Alopex for taking part in Cowabunga Corner.  In this episode we were in her attic, reviewing her product with a lot of great information from her.  This is one review which would not have happened if Alopex wasn’t a part of the Cowabunga Corner crew.  Look for Alopex in more up coming Cowabunga Corner reviews as we play with different products from Colorforms, Playmates Toys, Diamond Select  and one toy that is denial saying it’s “Not a Toy”.

Do you have either the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Corset or Delux Boyshorts?  If so what are your thoughts on these products?  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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