Franklin Cider Mill

I travel to all sorts of events, tourist traps, and cities around the United States.  Going coast to coast each year, and getting to meet people from all around while doing so.  Often I tell people there’s not much to Michigan, I grew up in Michigan and find it hard to enjoy as I see so much else where that is so cool.  Though when it comes down to the heart of it, there are a few places I love, such as the Dairy Park.  I will like to share another one of those locations, this time I’m going to talk about the Franklin Cider Mill.

Growing up this is the Cider Mill I went to the most.  It’s located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  They sell all sorts of apples, cider, donuts, and pumpkins there.  With the big wheel people can go out and see, to the area where they crushed the apples.  It’s got everything you would see in a normal cider mill and more.  The flavor of their cider and donuts is hard to beat, as I crave it every year.  Only open in the Fall time, they’re so busy that people hang out there even when raining.

Growing up I didn’t see Michigan as a place where we would have the coolest stuff.  So when out east I was invited to some cider mills.  The shock I felt when I saw how bland they were compared to the Franklin Cider Mill.  They were mainly just stores, and their cider was okay.  Just didn’t taste as rich and so full of flavor as the Franklin Cider Mill does.  While being up in the Mountains going to these Cider Mills which did not use their land, I realized that Michigan offered so much more with the land around the Cider Mill, thinking outside the box. 

Not only does the Franklin Cider Mill have everything these other Cider Mills offer, they are off of a small river.  With trees all around the Mill, the main parking lot is on the other side of the river.  So there’s two bridges to cross at.  Benches out by the river to enjoy your treats.  And lots of ducks hanging around begging for food.  People bring their kids, dogs, and other family members to enjoy this outdoor treasure.

I try to go to the Franklin Cider Mill at least once a year, if not twice.  They open in September and remain open till Mid November.  They are a cash only location, with an ATM for those who don’t travel with cash.  I know that no write up could bring justice to just how good their Cider and donuts are.  So if you’re ever near Franklin, Michigan during the Fall months, stop in and give this place a try.

Do you have a favorite Cider Mill in your area?  What makes them stand out?  Please share stories, comments and questions below.    

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