The Local Bang!

I'm going to paint a picture, though first I want to make it clear that I don't know if anyone was hurt or not, or even how it happened. Though this was a big shake up.

January 21st, 2006, I was sitting at the computer, while Nadine Blackstone and Shadow Wolf was sitting on the futon in my room watching "Chobits". This was like most weekends back then, friends over for anime, a good relaxing time. My arm had been really troubling me that day, so I didn't do any of my normal hanging out online that night.  Though I was getting ready to make more music videos to post on AMV.

While I was sitting there, a big bang was heard, followed quickly by a shake that went through the full house. I couldn't believe how loud it was and the shake really startled us. We ran downstairs to see if a tree branch or something had fallen on the house, but there was nothing. We headed back upstairs as the sound of police, fire trucks, etc were heard outside. I raced back downstairs and opened the door, this time not worried about our house but looking up above the houses across the street to see a red sky and lots of BLACK smoke.

At that moment I decided I was going to find out what was going on. I got my shoes, hoodie, and coat on. Shadow Wolf and Nadine came with me. We walked around the block and crossed at the street where the fire trucks were. We made our way down the street and talked with other people on the way. Seems two garages were on fire, one of them had blown up and caught the other one on fire as well. Though no one knew how or if any houses were touched by this. We don't know if anyone was hurt or killed by this.

The rumors that we heard was that this was a meth lab that blew up in a garage, totally wiping that garage out and caught the garage next to it on fire.  Though no one was home at the house where the garage blew up, and people did not think anyone was in the garage that did blow up, but there was nothing left of that garage.  The explosion took it out completely.

The black smoke was very thick. No one could get too close to where everything went down.  We walked back home and filled in my folks on what was going on.  We planned a trip for the next day to drive by where we could see what happened with our own eyes.  This was another one of those things that never did make the news, as we were hoping to hear something about it later that week.

What we have realized that since that explosion, which was blocks away, our walls and ceilings have some cracks in them, including new parts of the house that was built in 2004.  There are not many cracks, but we do feel that it was caused by how much the house did shake from what happened that night.  We can only imagine what happened to the houses that were closer to the garage that blew up.

We did go around and get our photos the next day, which I have been sharing here.  This is the only time I’ve seen something like this happen in Ferndale, and remembered about it as I was digging through old photos to find that I still have these.  Usually Ferndale is a quiet town, not too much excitement happens here as the biggest time of the year is The Woodward Dream Cruise when people bring in their old cars from all around to cruise up and down a road called Woodward Avenue that goes right through Ferndale.  So this was different and really caught our attentions.

Have you ever been around an explosion that wiped out a garage or house?  Was anyone hurt?  Did it make it on the news?  All comments and questions welcomed!

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