Mark Bode's TMNT Cartoon Concert

In episode 3 of "Ivey's Flashback", we have a panel, "Mark Bode's TMNT Cartoon Concert" that was held at Turtle Con 1992, the only official Turtle Con that's been held to date. My dad and I went to this panel, and my dad video taped. This panel was different than any other I've ever sat through. Held by Mark Bode and Steve Lavigne.

It was a slide show of "Times Pipeline" a TMNT comic that came out in September 1992, so the panel took place a month before it's release. During the slide show the voices for the comic was provided by Mark and Steve. So this is basically a full showing of the issue.

From start to finish this video is not edited down at all. My dad was the one video taping it, which is why this is in the Ivey's Flashback area.

"Times Pipeline" was written by Larry Todd with the art work by Mark Bode. It is from Mirage, so the Turtles all wear red masks as they did in the original volume of TMNT from the 1980's.

Turtle Con 1992 was held in Portsmouth, NH on August 23rd, 1992. Most of the Mirage crew was at this convention, including both Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Cowabunga Corner will be doing an episode the features more footage of Turtle Con 1992.

Title & End Credits: Phoenix

Video: Dave Ivey

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