Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #34

In the 8th episode of "Cowabunga Corner" Season 2 I review the first set of Neca Turtle Toys.

Neca Turtle toys came out at New York City Comic Con 2008. Toys that really went over well with all the fans, based off of the Mirage comic turtles.

You want to share your thoughts on the NECA toys, please feel free to do a review in comments or a video reply!

Camera Person: Star

Edited by: Phoenix

Music: "Fight" by Aerial

Next Week on Cowabunga Corner: Video from a Party Turtle event from 1991, where the birthday boy knows who I am! As his father, was my school teacher. How do we convince the boy that I'm not me?

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Margui_4's picture

I hope I could find this NECA turtles on Ebay.

Michele Ivey's picture

I have seen them on ebay, though be careful there are boot legs out there too.