Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

All of my life I have known the story of Snow White, as I grew up with Disney’s wonderful film as a source of entertainment in my youth.  Though I have never gone out of my way to see another Snow White film. I know earlier this year a movie came out based off of Snow White.  I was not in town for that screening and have not seen the movie.  Though I did get the chance to see the new one coming out tomorrow, “Snow White and the Huntsman”.   Here are my thoughts on this new action adventure.


Snow White and the Huntsman starts off with the beginning of Snow White’s story.  The story of how her mother came up with her name, the birth of Snow White and the death of both her parents.  Her mother died first, though it was not too much longer before her father would be murdered by her new stepmother.  Snow White spends most of her life locked away in a tower, as her stepmother takes over and the land is dying around them.

The stepmother uses the life of young women to keep herself looking young.  Her only true friend and person she trusts is her brother.  She’s not a nice person, though feels as if she is.  She hates when she sees herself aging, and as the story of Snow White goes, the stepmother would ask the mirror who is the fairest of them all.  Once Snow White comes of age, the Mirror mentions Snow White, but also tells her that Snow White could either be the death of her or could be used to be immortal.  If the stepmother was to get Snow White’s soul to become young, she would never need to drain another woman again.  This made the Evil Queen want Snow White’s heart.  She sends her brother to fetch Snow White, though a mess up happens for him and Snow White escapes.  The chase begins.

Snow White escapes into a dark forest which is when the Evil Queen calls for a Huntsman to be brought in.  He does not want to work for the her, though is promised that if he does the job the Queen would bring his wife back from the dead.  This gets him to agree, though once in the woods he finds Snow White and decides to help her, even without knowing who she is, he fights by her side as they have many challenges to overcome.

My favorite of their early challenges is when Snow White and the Huntsman faces a Troll.  This Troll is huge, it does not look human at all.  In its anger, it’s trying to kill them and the Huntsman is having problems in trying to win this fight.  I love this battle because of the design and character of the Troll.  It’s really well done and worked out.  I had a feeling of how the fight would end, and I was right.  Though they did it so well that it worked out.

Once away from the Dark Forest, the Huntsman and Snow White are brought to a village of women and children, where the Huntsman learns who Snow White is.  He’s upset that no one had told him up to this point and feels the pressure is now upon him.  At this point he debates leaving her.  Though once the town they were at is in danger he makes up his mind to stand by Snow White through this time of need.

The adventures they go on from here end up finding them new friends and having more issues with their enemies.  The world they travel through is rich and full of life, be it dark or good, these creatures are each thought out as well as the land and plant life.  The enchanted forest was so beautiful and the creatures that lived in it was peaceful.  I personally really liked the Tortoise, one of the creatures of this forest reminded me of an anime I like called Princess Mononoke.

The acting in this movie was really well done. Kristen Stewart made a great Snow White with Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen.  The difference in this Snow White story is that there are two males that Snow White could be in love with.  The Prince from her youth William, played by Sam Claflin, or the Huntsman who helps her through this adventure, who is played by Chris Hemsworth.  Though I really have to say my favorite characters go to the Dwarves much like in the original story.   It’s a group of characters that add a flare to the film, though in a new way.  These characters are done much like Lord of the Ring, where the actors are not really short at all it’s all the way the behind the scenes crew brings it together.

This film has a different twist for how Snow White affects the world around her as well.  She does have her own bits of powers, even if she does not realize it.  You will see others around her seeing this power and just why the people follow her.  She is truly a good person who wishes no harm.  Even with the woman who killed her father, she does not hold hate.  This is a nice touch to the film.

With the Evil Queen, I have to say they did something I truly enjoy.  They gave her a background, a story.  So you know who she is and how she got to be the way she is.  They gave her someone she cares about.  They made her more human than just a bad guy out to rule the world.  This is a character I can love to hate and feel sorry for at the same time.  She was a great villain and I’m glad they put so much into her.

Now, of course with most movies there are some areas I see as flaws.  For me, it was with some of the things done just to keep the story going.  When Snow White first gets away, she falls into a large body of water.  She gets out and finds a horse and rides away from the water on the horse.  Somehow the Queen’s army knows where she got out of the water and is hot on her trail.  Soon after that, Snow White passes out in the Dark Forest and during her downtime the Queen’s men have time to return and report what happens then go out and find the Huntsman.  The Huntsman is brought to the Evil Queen, hired and even returns to the Dark Forest just as Snow White is finally waking up.  She had to be out for awhile and I feel that was only a ploy to make her easy to find for the Huntsman.    My final complaint about the pacing of the film goes to the end of the movie.  It felt rushed.  This may be fixed if there is a sequel to answer some of the lingering questions.

Besides for the pacing, I wish they pulled back more in some of their fights as I’m not a fan of up close fight scenes, I’d rather see all of the motions instead of going from shot to shot up close to the actors who are fighting.  No matter what they’re fighting.  There were a few times in the movie where I think they could have pulled back and it would of felt a lot more exciting.  This is common for a lot of movies lately, and is never something I enjoy in a fight.

I feel that the writers of this film, Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini, did a great job bringing a story fun to follow with characters whom you start to care for.  There was nice growth to each characters, with some fun lines and able to keep a serious storyline entertaining through a long film.  The directing of this film, by Rupert Sanders, finished breathing life into the characters and stories, bringing us into this whole other world of adventure and action.

Overall, I enjoyed the film and hope that they do make a sequel.  With good acting, directing and a lot of new twists to the plot I had fun and enjoyed each moment they brought us through.  I did not feel the film dragged much at all, and that each scene had its own powerful moment towards the film.  The growth of both good and bad, as well as all the emotions displayed between the creatures of the movie.

Here is some Youtube videos for those who would like to know more about the film.  A trailer and two interviews:
Kristen Stewart:
Nick Frost:

Have you seen this movie?  What are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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I enjoyed the movie too, but, as you said, there were a few moments of unbelievability, even for a fantasy movie. I mean, the Queen keeps Snow in that tower for years, yet makes sure she has a nice dress to wear, and pants underneath AND sensible footwear?

Oh, sure NOW this shows up...didn't see it so I figured cookies were messing me up. Oh well...

Just saw this movie and I did enjoy it. Although, like you, there were some parts that were a bit of stretch when it came to believability, even for a fantasy type movie. I mean, the Queen keeps Snow in that tower for many years, but provides her with a nice dress, pants under that dress AND sensible footwear? Would have expected her to be wearing rags with bare feet or something, y'know?