Movie Review: Tangled

Got the chance to see Tangled, and as a Disney fan I was excited. I usually enjoy most everything about their movies; plots, character design, character growth, and music all play an important role in Disney movies. This year has been filled to the brim with CGI movies, so to get two thumbs up from me it would have to be as good as the others that have come out.

Going into Tangled you learn they have a good background story and building growth upon the lead characters. The show how Rapunzel got to the point where she was at as her mother was pregnant and became very ill. To save both Rapunzel and her mother, people went out to find a magic flower that would heal the mother. Once found, they fed the flower to the mother and soon after the baby Rapunzel was born with golden yellow hair.


Though there was an old lady who originally was keeping the flower to herself to stay young for ever. She saw them take her flower and witnessed what happened. The lady than kidnapped the baby finding that the power was now within Rapunzel. She raised Rapunzel as her own, never letting her hair be cut because she’d loose the power that was within the hair. This brings us to when she’s 18 years old and is wondering more about the outside world. Every year on her Birthday her real mom and dad would release hundreds of lights into the sky that she could see from her bedroom. She had no clue what the lights were and wanted to see it in person, though the old lady who took her refused to let her go out.

Another key character in this movie is a generic hero type character, who goes by the name Flynn Ryder. Flynn is a thief on the run and decides to hide in the tower where Rapunzel is kept. She believes he’s there for her hair and takes him out by surprise. Realizing this man can lead her to the lights and knows about the outside world, she makes a deal with him to get him to take her where she wants.

Flynn is a very flat character. He can be seen as a Shrek type character where he’s his own outcast which is how he wants it to be. He never wanted to help anyone. He got stuck with a girl. He falls for the girl and makes the right choice at the end of the movie. This to me was the weakest character in the movie as he was very predictable on where he was going and what he was doing. He took a lot out of the movie for me and really could of been written a bit better for that sort of role.

Of course when you have your thief, you need to have your leading officer of the law to bring them to justice. In this case, the officer that plays the biggest role in the movie is Maximus. At the beginning of the movie he works his hardest to catch Flynn, chasing him where ever he goes. By the middle of the movie, he’s won over by Rapunzel. Though still conflicting with Flynn, Maximus works with Flynn to save Rapunzel. Oh and here’s the thing that made this role stand out to me, Maximus is a horse. Yup, a non-talking animal taking his role as a police horse very serious. Ready to take down Flynn for stealing something.

The Old Woman, Gothel, who wanted to be young, played the main bad guy in the movie along with a few side bad guys wanted Flynn. She was not really that well done of a character, as she just seem to have wanted to remain young. We never learn her reasons for this, we know that she’s selfish, but we never find out what she does as a person outside of her time with Rapunzel. We just see her as this lady who wants to remain young and will do anything she can to keep what she needs for her cause. She has a few songs like “Mother knows best” where she goes on about why Rapunzel should not leave the tower. She’s made out to be the bad guy, but I don’t feel the hate for her or even cared what happened to her that you’re suppose to feel in a movie, even when she hurts a leading character. It just felt like someone defending their own dream, a challenge on who can do it best.

Overall the best character in the movie for me was Rapunzel, she was fun, she was different, she had this adventurous side to her yet very caring. She made the movie worth watching. I enjoyed every time she was on screen and wish I felt the same with the other characters. There was other fun characters, like some thugs they meet at a tavern. These small scenes were a plus to the movie and helped move the story along, as well as keeping my interest. I did feel for Rapunzel’s characters every time they were on screen. Those scenes were animated very well and pulled off nicely to where you felt the emotions they needed.

The art work was wonderful. Disney does not loose it’s touch on giving eye candy to the screen. The backgrounds and character design all worked well into the story and played off of each other greatly. The artists on this film did not let us down.

The Music for the movie, though, was a bit disappointing. It was not bad music, just it was not to the point where I want to learn to sing along like most Disney soundtracks have that appeal to the audience. They were just there to move the story along more and didn’t really come off as a must have. I will not be buying this sound track. Though this is just my personal feelings about the songs, I’m sure there are people out there who love it.

With the movie itself, it was a fun movie. Well done and something people of all ages can enjoy. It’s not a movie with a pull to get me to return to it though as I saw it once and enjoyed it, there is no need to run out tomorrow to show it to my friends. I doubt I’ll buy the DVD until it’s in the cheap bins at the store, which don’t normally happen with Disney movies so who knows if I’ll ever own the DVD.

I give the movie 1 thumb up, for being a well done movie. I look forward to what ever next adventure comes our way from the Disney animation studios. And congrats on making it to Disney on making it their 50th animated feature!



Entertainment Earth



The end of this movie when the Princess is united with her parents and she has Eugene produced a wonderfully great feeling for me as my favorite movies do. There are so many aspects to justice and redemption in a story and this one has all of those qualities. Even though this is the most expensive cartoon ever made in history.
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