Nickelodeon TMNT Action Figures 2012

With so many sets of new TMNT toys for Nickelodeon coming out,  I’ll be breaking up my reviews into daily spots to cover each of these sections.  MTV News has released all the images that I have seen.  So make sure to check out their website for what is coming out.  This is just my personal overview of what we see so far.

The first set I’m looking at is the action figures.  This is a set of four that fans are already comparing to the NECA Toy line.  These are designed by Nickelodeon and made by Steve Varner, the same man who designed the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.  While the toys have a lot of points of articulation, each body is different to show the way they are with the TV show.  These are not NECA rip offs, just more great TMNT toys that are coming out for fans to buy. 

Michelangelo has the lightest skin color of the four toys and he’s one of the shorter toys.  There’s a detailed texture to the skin, including a few small freckles on his cheeks.  The front plastron looks to have battle scars to it already, which could easy happen from Mike taking too many chances on his skate board or taking some hard hits in training.  He comes with his normal chucks as well as the new weapon, kusari-gama, that he’s been shown to have in some of the photos released last year.   Though the biggest difference that is going to keep the fans in an uproar is the new feet, which have three toes.  It’s not that it looks bad, it’s that we all really did like the two toes that was originally similar to Ninja Two-Toe boots.

Again, they put a serious look on Michelangelo’s face.  Though with this series everything is going to be new, so we’re not sure if this look fits to Michelangelo now.  Personally, I hope that he’s still a fun loving goof ball, and with Greg Cipes doing the voice I think he will be.  The detail placed on him is nice, and shows to be a lot of work.  With the new series still a head of us, we will have to watch and see if we fall in love with these new Turtles, just as we have with the other versions that came before.

Donatello is the tallest of the four Turtles, which is different.  They are acting as if the Turtles have always been the same heights. Maybe in toys they have, but the films are another story. In the first three movies they were very picky with each of the Turtles the right size to where in TMNT 2 they were having a very hard time finding a stunt double to be short enough to play Michaelangelo.  Though in those areas the heights were never made a big deal out of as it was usually Leo or Raph who was the tallest.  Don’s height is not going to make a difference to me as long as he’s got a good personality.

Donatello’s head is shaped different from the others, he doesn’t have the wide cheek bones that give them the normal Ninja Turtle head shape.  The style kind of reminds me of the work that Rick McCollum & Bill Anderson did in the original Mirage comics on issues like “Twilight of the Ring” and "Juliet's Revenge".  When I first saw this style I didn’t like it, because it was different.  Though I loved “Twilight of the Ring” and would re-read it and found myself each time growing more fond of the art work in these issues.  So for me, this style of Donatello’s face is a good feel to remember some of the early Mirage Comics.  I like it.

Donatello’s belt is different as well. It’s got a new clip between the belt in the front.   I do like these attention to details that is on him and I find it interesting how much they’ve gone to change each of them in looks.  Though I think in the long run it won’t change who they are.  One thing I liked about the original series was how it wasn’t about their looks, proving the old saying “You can not judge a book by it’s cover”.  They were all different in their own fun loving way, and most of the time I could tell them apart even in a black and white photo.

Raphael looks amazing. This toy has so much detail to it, including a break in his front plastron.  His teeth are showing with a great expression for Raph.  Though it may seem weird, the thing that makes me most excited are his sais.  These sais are longer than they should be for Raphael, but the shape of the sais is more realistic to the real thing.  Including the fact that the tip of the center prong is not sharp but blunt.  This is something I see with these and it’s a reason to make me happy. Normally with sais the toy makers give them a very pointy tip.

Raphael’s skin is a really dark color, which matches his personality.  And this picture gives us a great shot of those new feet.  Showing the third toe right in there.  It does look weird and will take some time getting use to.  For me, this is the biggest change that feels out of place.  Thankfully it did not flow into the IDW Comics.

Another detail I really like here is the the different patterns through the different types of cloths that the Turtles wear.  From the bandages wrapped around the ankle to the knee pads, belts and face mask, it shows that they’re not all made of the same stuff.

Leonardo’s expression really gets to me.  It feels as if he should of been more of a Michelangelo toy.  It’s got this smile, as if he’s trying to hold it back and look serious.  His eyes are a bit wider showing a more light hearted expression.  Leo looks as if he can bust up laughing at any moment.  Which is a surprise, you’d think his face would be more tone towards the serious side.  This is either a hint towards his new personality, or just a strange face for him.  The same face expression with the eyes a little more narrow, and the lips more closed would be a good face for him.

This Leonardo toy has the two straps instead of one, both of which have the little clip that attaches the straps.  It looks like he has sword holders that go along in the same direction as each other along this back.  His swords look stronger than the old Playmate swords, for this I am happy.  Again, we can see that third toe really clear in this photo.  Still not so sure about it. Though judging will come when we see it in action in the cartoon series.

Overall these toys look amazing. They have articulation without throwing in that really bad one that the new Classic Turtles have in their plastron.  Their hands can open and close to either hold the weapons better or something else that you may want them to hold.  They are different heights and colors, with each having their own belts and weapons.  This is going to be a group of toys for fans to be excited about.

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Tomorrow will be posting a review on the Deluxe Power Sound FX Figures.

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Wow!! lovely news!! I hope to see them soon in ebay :), I remember my mother use to give me money to buy my lunch at school, insted I used to eat fruits and earn the money so at the end of the week I can buy my own Turtle. Now a days it´s easier ;). Thanks for the news and keep it up!, I hope you are doing better and getting stronger everyday.

Regards from San Juan, Argentina, South American Fan.

I was blown away by these! I'll definitely get the 4 brothers from the Nicktoon. Thanks for writing these up, Michele; you rock! :)
I just hope the deco is closer to these images than the packaged pics from the showroom that we've seen... Maybe there's still time for that...

I think these figures look great, especially the weapons.