Power Con 2013

Power Con is coming up this month.  So I wanted to say a few things about this for the fans who do not know what Power Con is.  This is a convention that covers He-Man, ThunderCats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Held in California this year it hosts over 30 TMNT guests alone.  It is the perfect event for fans to come to for the chance to meet some of the great talents that bring the Turtles to life in the different medias.  See rare items and hang out with fellow fans.  Here’s a bit of what I’m hoping to see with Power Con 2013.

This is one of those events where I’m going to be a guests.  So I’m hoping that I get a good size table to share mine stuff that I brought across country with for this convention.  I will have movie props, animation cels, and original comic book art.  Some of the stuff will be kept behind the table, and shown if people ask to see the other items.  We are hoping to have a lot of cool items there that everyone can enjoy and we offered to share our table with some good friends who’ve work on TMNT since the 1980’s to this very day.

I’m looking forward to the panels that are listed for Power Con.  Covering areas of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I’ve never seen covered at a convention before.  One panel that I’m hosting is the writers for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  This panel is exciting and a little bit of nerves as most of these guests are people I’ve never met before.  Should be a lot of fun and there’s no telling what will come out of this panel.  I know I got plenty of questions for them and hope that the crowd brings their questions as well.  They brought life to the screen by giving the words that we know the Turtles for to the voices and animators.  So make sure to give them your respect at Power Con.  Even if you miss this panel, check out their other panels or autograph times.

There are two TMNT panels I will be trying to attend even though I am not on the panels.  One is the voice actors and the other is the toy makers.  So many other great panels will be going on that day, though I want to make sure to spend some time at the table so people can hang out and talk with us.  If you want to see a full list of their Saturday events please check out their website.

On Sunday I’m hosting two TMNT panels with the TMNT of the 2000’s, which seems to be a 4Kids feel of the panel.  And then I’ll be hosting TMNT Comics panel with some of the current TMNT writers.  These panels look fun and I have lots of ideas on what to do to keep them lively and fun for those who can make it to the panels.

I have been highly encouraging all of my friends to pre reg for this convention.  It’s good to know you got your badge and will hopefully help with getting into the convention fast.  The guest list is simply amazing with great artistic talents I’ve never met before. 

For those interested in the idea of what I brought to share. I don’t want to totally spoil that for everyone, I will just say that this convention is getting some of my best and most rare items to be on display for the fandom.  If anyone has any questions while there feel free to ask any of my staff or I.  We will be happy to try and answer.

Fan Interviews will be happening at Power Con!  Anyone who knows how our seasons of Cowabunga Corner runs, we like to try and get as many fans into the show as we can.  We are only asking for five minutes of your time over the weekend to answer five questions about your personal fandom.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone who comes.  Please per reg now at: http://www.thepower-con.com/


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I'm so excited to see Michele, Miki, the CC crew and meet the people responsible for forming the world of TMNT! I'm also really looking forward to meeting up with other TMNT fans and followers of CC. I'll be dressed as Leatherhead if anyone happens to spot me.