Random Collection #31

Throughout the years of being a Ninja Turtle fan, my collection has been growing.  Every year I get something new that joins the collection.  Growing since 1989, I have over 500 Ninja Turtle toys out of package and over 300 in package, as well as books, animation cels, original comic art, scripts and so much more.  To cover all of this on Cowabunga Corner is not something I really think I can do.  Though I get a lot of questions about my collection, so I figured I could do random stories from time to time to share one item in my collection.  This one is about my Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Sticker Album from Germany.

I won this off of ebay in early 2000, as I was totally surprised to find it online.  One of my favorite things to collect is Turtle stuff that I can’t just find in stores, and this is on that list of hard to find.  This one sticker album covers seven different episodes of the original cartoon series.  With the first episode, to the frogs and even Zach.  Giving us cool side characters, that don’t always show up in sticker albums or trading cards.  Overall a great book.  It even includes it’s poster.

I got this book as it is, never added any stickers though the previous owner did as there are stickers through the book.  Not every sticker, but a lot of them.  I never thought of going out to find the stickers to finish the book, as it normally sits put away in my collection.  This is one of the pieces that does get rotated through my display case set ups.  It was even on display at Motor City Comic Con 2000.

Do you have this TMHT Sticker Album?  Do you have all the stickers? Where did you get it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.  

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