Review: Double Dare Live

Growing up there was few channels that was aimed towards kids.  Saturday mornings was the gold mine of TV hours.  Though a few channels came to the rescue having cartoons and children programing all day.  Disney and Nickelodeon.  I loved Nickelodeon they had programs from cartoons to game shows that we could enjoy.  And everyone I knew loved the game show “Double Dare”.  I’ve gone years without thinking about it, till I was at the Nickelodeon Resorts, where we got to go see their live show of Double Dare.   Here is my review of this awesome live performances in Orlando.

We were invited to the Double Dare Live show on Saturday night.  Miki, Leatherhead and Fugitoid joined me for front row center seats.  I watched as they did games with children as set up was being done for the show.  The challenges reminded me of the old show, bringing me back to my childhood.  They would ask for volunteer from the crowd, though they seem to only choose kids, I still did raise my hand.  The prizes caught my attention, they were gift cards for the arcade there at the Nickelodeon Resort.  And the card had a Nickelodeon TMNT image on it. 

Once the show started they introduced the red team and the blue team.  My favorite color is blue, so as a child I often cheered on the blue team.  Though they wanted us to cheer on the team that was on the side of the stage that we were sitting on.  We were sitting on the side of the red team.  Secretly I cheered on the blue.  As the game started, more and more memories of watching the game came to mind.  As they asked questions, and even did a video challenge question which was a clip from the original show.  I found myself enjoying every second of the game as we watched them. 

The blue team won and got to do the Double Dare obstacle course.  During the set up they kept us amused with a game up front, but I couldn’t help to turn my eyes and watch things that I remember from tv come out on stage.  Smaller than the old tv series set, but still much like the old game show.  I got on the edge my seat as I recalled how the course worked, where they had to find and pass the flags along to family members.  This was such a great pull back for me.  Something I did let slide from my memory, brought back to full swing.

This live show was so much fun to watch.  Reminding me of the great shows from my own childhood, while bringing forth a fun memory for the young kids who go.  A big Thank you to Brad for such a great evening!  I do highly recommend Double Dare Live to anyone who goes to the Nickelodeon Resorts.  Never a dull moment, even clean up is fun to watch!  Make sure to check it out.

Have you seen Double Dare Live? What did you think of the show?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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