Review: Half-Shell Heroes Leatherhead

Playmates Toys has recently released a brand new set of toys aimed at pre-schoolers called "Half-Shell Heroes". These are smaller, reimagined versions of everyone's favorite TMNT characters intended for a younger crowd than the main toy line. Today we are going to take a look at Leatherhead.

Leatherhead is available in the basic figure 2 pack assortment packaged with a Kraangdroid. His eyes have been modified from their original reptilian appearance to look less threatening and more kid friendly. This was most likely done so that kids unfamiliar with the show would not confuse him to be a villain. While I understand why this may be the case, I do wish they left them alone. He is also free of scarring.

Both legs are connected and move together. He has articulation in his head as well as in his shoulders.

The paint app on this figure is fantastic. The teeth are all painted on the mold and they even painted his jaw white, something they omitted from the main Leatherhead figure.

This figure is awesome, and I totally recommend it for both kids and collectors that want a fun figure.


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