Review: IDW "Rise of the Turtles" TMNT Comic


Back when the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon started off, a spin off comic book was made.  It was put on the market by Archie Comics, followed the original comic for a few issues then issue 5 the Mirage crew took over and it went spinning into it’s own direction becoming a story that stands on it’s own, and is remember by fans to this day.  In 2003 we got the 4Kids TMNT Series, and that got it’s own spin off comic as well.  With artist trying to do things differently, following the side characters giving us insights into the other characters not touched in the cartoon itself.  Sadly this comic was short lived and cancelled before it had the chance to really bloom.  Now in 2013 the idea of a TMNT cartoon spin off comics is coming at us again.  And once again the first issue is based straight from the cartoon show itself, done in it’s own way.  Here is my review of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Rise of the Turtles” based on the Nickelodeon Series.

The first thing I see looking at the new Comic is that it is one of the CGI images on the cover.  I also see the title “Rise of the Turtles”.  Clearly stands out to be a comic based on the series itself.  The CGI cover is a nice touch to get to the attention of new fans.  As I flick into the comic I see the credit page has a two page spread of the tv series Turtles enjoying pizza and video games.  The comic is written by Joshua Sternin and J.R. Ventimila.  The Adaptation is done by Justin Eisinger.  With edits, lettering and design names.  But there is no list for the pencil and inker for the comic.  That was a bit of a surprise.

I personally love the idea of seeing a new artist take on telling the story.  Archie had new artwork, and so did the Dream Wave comics, why would I think that this would be any difference.  Looking onto the next page we have more CG Turtles.  This time each of the Turtles have their weapons out and are telling us about themselves.  An introduction page? Different, but okay.  Figured we learn about them in the comic any how.   They have all four Turtles, and Splinter doing introductions.  Kind of reminds me of the beginning of the 2007 movie, where they give the backstory of the Ninja Turtles at the beginning.

Now we got the Rise of The Turtles title page.  That is when I get the surprise.  This comic is a comic of screen caps.  Not original art.  They took screen caps from the show.. it is the CGI images we’ve seen on TV.  This is edited to fit into the comic, so you don’t really see all the great moves in the show.  You don’t see Don really getting his hits at Raphael.  And not just that, the story has little squares telling us what’s happening.

I’ve already reviewed the show.  And since this is the show, with cut lines and movements I’m not going to do a full write up review as I normally would for a comic book.  A part of me was really hoping to see some original art, with what I saw at New York Comic Con I really had high hopes for this comic book series.  Seeing screen caps is almost a let down, we get children books with this kind of stuff in it.  The Comic world is where I get excited looking for fresh art and takes on stories, even if the stories are already told.

The layout is nice.  It’s like having a bunch of trading cards in  a book though.  I’m not a fan of having a narrator telling us what’s going on, the images are there to show us.  All in all it’s a nice book, that covers the episode as one would want a book to do.  It’s just a personal side of me that is disappointed.  I do recommend it for collectors.  It may be a nice way to get friends to check out the new series, without needing a tv to set them down in front of.

I hope if IDW keeps the comic book going, that they break off of the snapshots from the show and go in their own free direction.  Giving us fresh new stories with the Nickelodeon Turtles, bringing them on a new road.  Like what we got out of the Archie Comics back in the day.  There is so much more that can be done, if the IDW crew is set free.  And I know they got some amazing artist who can catch the feel of the Nickelodeon series.

Have you seen the IDW “Rise of the Turtles” Comic?  Do you own it?  What are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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The screen caps thing is pretty lame, but at least we're getting a real nickelodeon TMNT comic series later this year. Did you hear about that? It comes out on free comic book day.

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Awesome my Bday weekend. I interviewed Dario here on Cowabunga Corner a few months back, and he was trying to be the artist for the Nickelodeon book... which is why I was shocked and disappointed to see this was a screen caps comic.

How do I get one of the new comics

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Here is a link that it can be found at:

Do you think these comics will do like Archie, going its own way after some stories? That would be good.

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May 4th a comic will be released which will be based off of the series and taking it's own stories. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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