Review: IDW TMNT #11

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle history, the first battle with the Shredder is usually highlighted as a fight for the Turtles.  The original comics Splinter sent the Turtles to kill the Shredder, which is what they were originally trained for.  In the first cartoon series, Splinter was kidnapped by a robot and the Turtles had to fight Shredder and the Foot to save Splinter.  In the movies, Splinter was kidnapped by the Foot Clan.  We don’t even get to see how that happened, but the Turtles have to fight the Shredder.  And let’s not forget the 4Kids series, where Leonardo gets his invite to join the Foot and after hearing the story of the Shredder, he goes off with his brothers to decline this invite.  While Splinter joins in with most of these fights, usually the first part of these fights have the Ninja Turtles facing the Shredder without Splinter.  The IDW Comics is the first to break this pattern with issue 11 of their ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.

The new comic book that comes out today is a great show of difference with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  Splinter is standing by himself with the Foot in front of him.  We got to learn a lot about this fight and what is on Splinter’s mind in the IDW TMNT Micro Series issue #5.  Though now we get to remain focus on the now to see how things really lead up to that issue and just where it goes after that issue.  Splinter is standing there, knowing a fight is coming up.  Though Karai makes a lame attack of shooting an arrow at him, head on, with him knowing that it’s coming.  Really?  That’s her best move?  Of course Splinter can dodge that!  Shredder calls her useless, but he should've known that when he saw what attack she was going to use.

This is a great scene at showing how little Karai knows about Splinter.  I’d like to see her fight, after all the brave talk she gave earlier.  Though now we get to see the Foot ninjas come in for the attack.  The art work here, like always, is great.  I like seeing this change of pace for the introduction of the Foot Clan, a big nod to Tom for his writing here.  This story is proving to be so much fun.

Unlike the Splinter issue, we get to find out what the Turtles are up to in their new pad, the Second Time Around shop.  There’s the discussion of finding Splinter. Leo wants to make sure this is all planned out.  Though Mikey is not in sight, and we get the hint that he went out for food.  When we see Mike, he’s on a rooftop looking down at someone peering in the window at his brothers.  He goes down to check out this new person to find a female warrior who is ready to take him on. Though he wins this fight, she’s got backup.

As soon as I saw the face of a girl I knew who she was. I had a feeling about her with issue 10 but was not going to take that blind guess.  Though I was right.  It’s Angel, a character from the 4Kids series.  In the 4Kids cartoon Angel was a lot younger though.  She was trying to join the Purple Dragons when the Turtles met her.  Though Casey knew her and had a goal to stop her.  Once she saw how bad the Dragons were, she helped the Turtles save Casey.  That was not her last appearance with the Ninja Turtles, though it was her first.  Here she looks a bit older and is a much better fighter.  Tom is not pulling anything back with this series.  More and more he’s introducing characters from different realms of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I’m curious if we’re going to see anyone from Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation?

With knowing what Splinter and the Turtles are up to, there’s one group of heroes to check in on.  April and Casey.  They’re in April’s van as Casey’s realizing just how long of a night this has been.  Once April drops of Casey she drives off, only for Casey to take out his mask.

This does surprise me a little.  He’s already had his fight for the night and it is coming on to daylight.  Why would he wander off?  Is he just that worried about the Turtles, even though he’s telling her not to be?

Now back to Splinter and his fight, as he finishes up his battle with the Foot Ninja.  As the Foot go down Splinter turns his attention to Shredder again.  Though Shredder does not take Splinter on himself, he sends in another one to help wear Splinter out before their big battle.  Alopex is sent in for this battle, as Splinter is ready for her even though he is tired.

It’s surprising the battle with the Foot Ninja is over this fast in the issue, as we have a full issue based on that fight. Last issue was a lot of memories which in real life would go a lot faster through our minds than acting it out.  Splinter is just that good.

Outside the Second Time Around shop, the other Turtles hear Mike in a fight and come running to his aid.  As they are winning the battle, Casey shows up and knows Angel.  This is cool to see that they are still connected.

Splinter and Alopex are still fighting.  Splinter uses this time to try and talk her out of being part of the Foot Clan.  Saying how Raphael told him her story.  How she does not have to work with the
Foot, she could be totally free.  Though Alopex stays with the fight as she makes her choice to remain with the Shredder.  Splinter does not push anymore in getting her to change her mind, instead he wins this fight with one goal in mind, taking on the Shredder.

I like how Splinter tried to talk Alopex out of this fight. I am still curious if she is going to be like another Ninjara and if that is the case, Ninjara started off evil and ended up going good.  Should be a fun ride to see where this goes.  The fight scene is great, as Dan goes through showing Splinter’s finishing move.  I really do love the scene with Splinter standing there still armed and ready to fight, with Foot Ninja and Alopex laying at his feet.

Back with Casey, he stops this fight, as Angel explains that the Purple Dragons have been seeing mutants around here causing trouble with the Ninjas.  She thought the Turtles were part of that group of freaks.  Casey explains that they are cool, and asks Angel to help them find the Foot base.  Though the other Purple Dragons do not like this, Angel does trust Casey and agrees to help.

I love this.  A good way to introduce Angel and a way to keep the story moving forward.  Tom really has this well thought out and it’s working great.  It’s neat to see the Turtles teaming up with the Purple Dragons, this is a new touch.  In the past, the Purple Dragons have always been their enemies.  I am curious how big the Purple Dragons are in this comic series, and how the other members will take to finding out Angel worked with these mutants or is she so high up, that she can not get into any trouble for this?  More questions to keep our interest perked.

Onto the final scene, Shredder agrees as Karai has already failed him by missing with the arrow earlier and the real battle begins.

Once again we are left at a point having us drool for the next issue.  I watch as this story gets deeper with each issue and I can’t help but find myself swept into this new story.  When talking with Turtle fans new and old, I am going on about how good the IDW Comics are as Tom Waltz keeps pulling us in with each issue.  The best thing we can do to thank them is to share the word with fellow TMNT fans.

So my question for fans this month is, do you tell other people about the IDW comics?  If so what is the reactions you’re getting?  Please answer these and feel free to share reviews, comments and ask your own questions down below!

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