Review: IDW TMNT #19

TMNT19_cvrAIn January I was one of the fans sitting there waiting for a new issue of TMNT to come to the market and to my surprise there was not one till the first of February.  I felt as if we were going to start to fall a month behind in the on going Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics by IDW.  Though to my surprise, we have one on the shelves today!  This is our second issue of TMNT this month, bringing us back up to speed.  So I am excited to bring you this review of IDW TMNT #19.

This issue starts off where issue 18 left off.  Krang has the King and Queen of Planet Neutrino and is threatening the Neutrinos to give up the Fugitoid.  Zak gets so mad that he blast the screen, as Dask goes up telling him to get control of himself.  Dask takes control of the situation, realizing that they have to take action. Fugitoid though wants to surrender himself to Krang to just get the King and Queen freed.  The Princess will not hear this plan.  Ordering Fugitoid not to surrender and brings up the weapon that Fugitoid was brought here to work on to Dask.  Donatello jumps into this action as he hears that Fugitoid is going to be working on a weapon, wanting to help in this war seeing that Earth is in danger.  So he is escorted away to help Fugitoid with this new weapon.

I like this, as we jump straight into the action.  We watch as the characters debate on how to handle things.  We see things are heated and they are stressed.  We see the tension in the art work on their faces, we feel it in the words that the characters share to each other.  Both the writing and art flow together here.  As you’re pulled into this war and you see things are really looking bad for our group of heros.

Now that Don and Fugitoid are out of the room the others start to plan. This is when Leonardo jumps in.  Dask realizes they can not sneak into Krang’s base without being seen, Leo offers their help as Ninjas in this part of the war.

Cool to see the Turtles get to offer their services as ninjas to this war.  It shows that they have skills needed which Dask and the others did not realize was going to be made open for them.

Back on Earth Karai has gotten to Burnow Island, as April, Casey and Splinter are just trying to learn about it.  April learns about Krang taking over the Island but it never really made the news because it’s such a small place with nothing the other countries want.  Which raises questions of what Stockman has to do with this Island and if the Turtles are there.

This is nice interaction showing those at home working on their own research and finding stuff.  It’s good to see they’re making progress too.  Not just finding deadends.  I love how this April is, she’s very push forward and not leaving the guys hanging.  More and more she’s becoming one of my favorite versions of April.

Krang is proud of himself for catching the King and Queen, he’s very blunt that they are going to lose this war.  He’s sure that Fugitoid will be given up to save their lives.  Krang takes some time not just to gloat, but to compare them in how he is stronger even though they’re in the same boat.  He says his strenght is in his will power.

I love this art of Krang, he’s gross and evil looking.  Something you wouldn’t want to touch let alone look at in real life.  This scene just shows that Krang is really sure of his army in what they’re doing.  He does not think that there will be a real fight.  But even if there is, Krang is ready.

Karai is inside Krang’s base at Burnow Island and she is getting ready for her course of action. Guards go pass her talking about the Neutrino War, she waste no time in taking them out.  Demanding for them to take her to the alien ooze.  The guard that she caught agrees, and she forces him to take her.

Karai is dangerous in this series.  She knows what she’s doing.  While Shredder may take her for granted, these scenes remind us that she is a force not to be messed with.  I love Karai’s actions here and just how she takes control..

Donatello gets to the weapon with Fugitoid.  Where Fugitoid sees Felix, the Neutrino who was working with him when he escaped with his robot body. (Mirco TMNT #8).  The two of them talk as Donatello is taking this all in.  This is more Donatello’s style, he’s happy to be learning this stuff.  Felix and Donatello get to work together to help fixed Fugitoid’s malfunctioning voice box.

It’s great to see all of the excitement on Donatello.  While he knows this is all serious stuff, he’s still learning very cool stuff that is way beyond what he’s had the chance to work with.  And he’s got two people here who understand him better than his brothers when it comes to tech.  So it’s a great scene for Donatello fans to sit down and enjoy.

With everything coming to a boil, the Turtles are getting ready for war.  Splitting into different teams.  And working closely with the army they’ve joined.  Protecting Earth and a princess.  Krang having the chance to find their missing mutant turtles!  There is so much information here that you really should pick up the comic and read it yourself at this point.  Once again Tom Waltz is bringing us into a scene which you know you’re going to want to finish reading.  Only for the comic to end.  Thanks Tom for keeping us on our toes!

I am still loving this series.  And now knowing that we got a big story arch coming up called “Cityfall” I’m even more excited!  These issues can not get to the comic book stores fast enough for me.  And when they do come the comic is over way too soon as I’m craving the rest of this story.   If you are not reading the IDW TMNT Comics, you are missing out!  On an amazing ride, character growth and many styles of artwork for the Turtles and their Worlds.

Have you read IDW TMNT 19?  What is your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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i find it interesting how the story split up the brothers into 3 groups & the Princess comes along to. Won't it be cool if they had the Triceratons in this story?

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