Review: IDW TMNT #23

In the original cartoon series, Shredder did not try to kill the Turtles right away.  He offered for them to join him.  This was used again in the 4Kids series.  Each time Shredder has tried to win the Turtles over to his side he has failed, and soon decides to destroy them.  In the IDW comics we have a different situation where Shredder knows the Turtles from their previous life.  He does not want just any Turtle, he wants Leonardo.  He has a goal set and is aimed to get it.  In TMNT #22, Leonardo was caught by the Shredder.  So here comes the question that everyone has.  How will Shredder get Leonardo by his side? That is answered in issue 23.  Here is my review of IDW TMNT #23.

The story starts off with two vans moving at their own fast paces.  April is driving to get Casey to the hospital.  He was injured bad and needs medical attention fast.  In the other van Shredder and Karai sit with Leonardo beside them.  Once at the hospital Angel goes in with Casey as April checks on Raph and Splinter in the back of the van.  Splinter and Raphael go off to meet up with Michelangelo and Donatello who were sent to find Leonardo.  While Shredder is having Leonardo brought from the van as he reached his location.

This is a very cool intro I love how they go back and forth showing basically the same thing going on with both groups and how they’re handling it.  I also enjoy how “City Fall” Part 2 was fit into the background. The story is Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow and Tom Waltz.  With the script by Tom Waltz.  It’s clear with this group of writers and just what we see in these first few pages that a lot of thought has been put into this issue.  

The story goes on showing the two different areas as they mirror each other.  Casey at the hospital and Leonardo with the Foot.  The doctors want to know what happened to Casey, as Angel just says that he was mugged.  While Shredder is making sure that Kitsune is ready to do what she must with Leo.  Karai is shot down from helping.  As Casey is being prepped with to see the Foot prepping Leo.  

I enjoy how they were able to keep this all so well matched up.  Poor Casey and Leo.  Both in bad situations, so different from the other.  Neither knowing what is going on with them.  As their lives hang in the hands of others.  The artwork is great as you can see the expressions of concern, disappointment, and annoyance.

Leaving the hospital scene we now see that Michelangelo and Donatello have met up with Splinter and Raphael.  All they could find as a clue was Leonardo’s sword.  Michelangelo points out a bigger clue.  A message delivered by Old Hob. The Turtles have a short debate about trusting Hob, though Splinter puts down the final word.  They will meet him, to find out how Hob thinks he can help.

This is exciting.  As we know that the Turtles meet up with Old Hob at the end of the TMNT Micro Series Villain #3 “Hob”.  Now we know why they meet up with Hob.  I like how Splinter takes charge of this, knowing that they need help wherever they can get it.

We go back to see Leonardo with Kitsune.  She introduces herself to the passed out Leo, and says that she is here to guide him. As we start to see what Leonardo sees.  His memories being altered with just enough truth to make it look real.  Twisting and turning things from what Leonardo knows.

This is where it goes with Leo, how they work at changing him.  This twisted method of changing his world and life around inside his head.  Is shown through the art styles of Dan Duncan, Ross Campbell, Andy Kuhn, Ben Bates, Kevin Eastman and Mateus Santolouco as they all put their art together to make this comic come to life as much as they have. Truly to get the feel of this masterpiece I highly recommend the reading the comic itself.  

The other strong story lines in this issue is what is happening with Casey.  He is taken care of, with April and Angel by his side.  The two of them get to talk, as his dad over hears some of what Angel has to say.  While the Turtles meet up with Old Hob who wishes to join forces with the Turtles in battle against the humans.  These are things that are brought forward in this issue which will make a big impact on the story to come.

This issue is so interwoven between those three story lines, that I do not see me just going back and forth here.  As I know what got me with each page was not just the plot, but the writing and art matching up to the the impact of the world around these strong characters.  I love this issue.  IDW has the life that just keeps getting breathed into these characters with every issue.  And I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next!

Have you read IDW TMNT #23?  What is your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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I thought this issue was great! The nightmarish vision that Leonardo was given with the art style shift was very unsettling, and did an excellent job at portraying the confusion that he was feeling.

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I agree. I love how all the different artist did Leo's dream, especially Kevin Eastman.

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I find it interesting how Shredder wants Leo in both the 4kids Cartoon & this comic series, but its Raph who becomes the next Shredder in other future stories. I hope they show more mutants joining the fight later on. I just recently saw Episode 23 of the Nickelodeon cartoon, & it was a great Mickey episode that should him step up when he really needed to. Have you seen the episode yet?