Review: IDW TMNT Villian Micro Series #4

In IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series issue 1 we were introduced to a new character.  She’s strong, she’s bad and she’s got Raphael’s attention.  She reminds some of us of Ninjara, the Fox from the old Archie TMNT Comic books.  She has mainly just been a fighter in this series.  Though in the newest issue of IDW Micro Villain Series she takes the front stage so we can get a feel for who Aloplex is.  Here is my review of IDW TMNT Villain Micro Series #4

This issue starts off showing a group of Ninjas from the Foot selling their information to a new crime group in town.  Aloplex is to take out the traders of the Foot clan.  She goes through taking out the crime bosses they were selling the information to.  Once she faces the four whom she is sent here to destroy she tells them that she knows she’s going to win and asks them to fight with the weapons she provides and if they do she will fight blindfold.  She gives them the weapons at the Ninja Turtles use and take each one down even with a blindfold on. Picturing fighting the Turtles while doing so. 

I really like this as you see Aloplex in action against someone other than the Turtles.  How focus she is on her goal of taking down the TMNT for the foot clan.  Though at the same time still doing other jobs for the Foot that are important.  Also show she sees the Foot.  These men are leaving the family and that is not allowed.  The artwork is by Ross Campbell which is exciting as I really like his style and he is doing great.  With Brian Lynch back to write.  The great thing here is Brian is the co-creator of Aloplex, so he’s brought on to write an issue for his own character.  That just has to be exciting for him.

Once Aloplex returns to the Foot base she’s thinking about how tense things have been.  A foot Ninja greets her right away telling her that she is wanted.  She goes to see Oroku Saki who gives her another mission, tomorrow the two of them are to lead a mission to clean out a Research Facility in Fairbanks Alaska.  Aloplex knows this is the facility where she was mutated in.  She agrees to do this mission telling Saki that she is looking forward to it. 

These pages are a nice touch of seeing Saki and Aloplex alone.  Normally we see her in battle or just as a guard.  Here is how she gets her missions and getting to spend some time with her Master.  It also shows how cruel Saki can be he wanted to be the one to give Aloplex this mission in person.  He was looking for the reaction.  Just a little more into Saki’s personality.  A neat background piece thrown in here is when she’s walking through the Foot base, Bebop and Rocksteady are in the background.  Still human.

The next morning Aloplex and Shredder travel to Fairbanks as Aloplex remembers that the surrounding area was her home before she was mutated.  She realizes that Shredder is watching her for a reaction though for her the past before mutation is nothing but a blur.  She knows the base has been closed for months and is most likely empty.  She gets permission to go in on her own.  She goes through grabbing useful equipment before destroying the building. She sees a broken window, outside there is a rabbit.  Her memories start to return as she remembers that in the day she knew it’s scent, how it ran and what it tastes like.  Stepping outside as small bits of memories return to her.

This is a nice moment to just get to see Aloplex go through a bit of her life.  The artwork brings you into her world as she remember.  It’s a nice touch for getting to know her and what was important to her.  Why her family with the Foot is important as she has strong family values.  Making Aloplex more than just a side character but a life to the comic that people can relate too.

While Aloplex is going through memory lane she see what could've been one of her old family.  The young fox takes off as she realizes the smell of burning and meat.  She gets back to find Shredder burning down the forest.  As he tells her that she is now a full member of the Foot, she lashes out at Shredder in anger.

This is a moment that I feel Shredder will regret down the road.  I like it.  And it has me feeling that Aloplex may become more like Ninjara as she has not been hurt by her current family.  It’s exciting to see how things go from here as we see more growth and depth to the characters.  IDW is keeping us just pulled into this full series.  I love that Brian was the one to write this book since he co-created Aloplex and this is a big moment in us fans learning who she is and now seeing where she’s going.  I can’t wait to see more on her story.

I enjoyed this issue of IDW.  Brian Lynch does a great job writing for the TMNT comics and it’s always good to see him return for an issue.  Ross Campbell is a wonderful artist, very talented and his style is all his own.  The team together works magic at bringing an issue to life.  The story is tied in just as deep as most of the comic itself.  IDW is an amazing series as I still highly recommend it to all TMNT fans.

Have you read IDW TMNT Villain Micro Series #4: Aloplex? If so what are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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