Review: New York Comic Con 2013

In October 2013 we had New York City Comic Con.  One of my favorite conventions of the year.  Normally I get my reviews up shortly after they happen, though once I got home from the convention this year a few of my close family members was having some bad health issues so I was not able to do a review.  Really one of the family members that was with me for New York City Comic Con was having her health issues while there, Miki with her broken neck.  At the time of NYC Comic Con we did not know it was broken, though we knew she was injured.  Here is my memories from one of the best East Coast conventions of 2013.

Even though our passes would of got us in for Thursday, Miki and I arrived late because we had other problems.  We got into the city Friday morning, dropped off our bags at the hotel and then went to New York City Comic Con for our badges.  I had a press pass, Miki was not approved this year, we had to wait for her sponsor to get there so we could get into the convention.  The sponsor is a good friend that we met at San Diego Comic Con. 

We waited outside, it was not a bad day and by waiting where we did we got to see a lot of people dressed and ready to go in.  I was amused with how many people were dressed in TMNT merch.  What really shocked me was when a girl in line knew who I was, she took a moment to have her photo taken with me.  The line was large and went on forever.  As soon as it would get pass us another group of people would get into the line. 

When the sponsor showed up, Miki and I headed in and walked around a bit.  Neither of us were really up for panels early so decided to head to panels later that day.  I found the TMNT booth that Nickelodeon had and spent some time there getting photos and talking to fans around the booth.  They had a lot of TMNT toys on display, old and new.  They would also do photos with the Turtles at the booth.  It was a good big set up right at the entrance of the convention. 

After spending some time at the TMNT booth we walked around the convention.  New York Comic Con has one of my favorite dealer floors.  It’s huge, yet still has enough room for you to move around the crowd at a decent pace.  We were able to walk around the floor and find where our friend’s had their booths.

Miki and I split up as I went up to the press area.  This was my first time as Press at New York City Comic Con, so I had to learn how to things work.  No official press interviews were set up for us, though they were able to get me into the Venture Brother’s interview.  I joined a round table of questions.  This was fun, as we got to sit with the creators of Venture Brothers, my favorite cartoon on Adult Swim.

After the interview I met back up with Miki and we went to the panel room that the Ninja Turtle panel is going to be at.  We got their early and was able to watch some of the earlier panels.  This is always fun, as you never know what you’re going to see.  I was tired, so it was really nice to be able to sit and watch the panels not running around.  The TMNT panel started, we will share soon video and my review of this panel. 

After the Turtle panel we hung out with our friends that went to the panel, Shredder, Metalhead and more.  I enjoyed getting to see so many friendly faces.  We went back to our hotel and crashed for the night.

On Saturday we came back to the convention, on our way in Miki was in a lot of pain, so we sat down in the lobby instead of going through a long line for bag search.  Wanting to wait till the line was shorter, so she didn’t have to stand to long.  Really disappointed they did not have a line for handicap at this time.  While sitting there, I looked up and saw a friend we know from Youmacon, Crows.  Crows is a guest at Youmacon that we’ve talked to often.  I called out and said hi to him, so he came over and visited with us.  Metalhead realized that he had to leave for an event he paid extra for and split away from us as we visited with Crows.  Once again spending more time outside of the convention. 

Once up Miki and I headed into the convention and found our way to Scott Williams, Baxter Stockman from the 4Kids TMNT series.  Scott is a guest at this convention every year for his artwork.  Here is a video about the comic he works on.

We visited with Scott for a little bit, before deciding to go over to Artist Alley to look for some friends.  While looking around there, I realized that the panel that Kevin Eastman was a guest at was going to be starting.  Which lead us back to the main building, for the panel rooms.  It is a good thing to get there early, we were able to sit through the panel before Kevin’s and move up to the front for the “Other Dead” panel.  We will share this panel in it's own review and video.

After the panel I wanted to say congrats to Digger for Kickstarter and found ourselves talking with him and his crew for a bit.   Digger is a great person and seems to have a lot of very cool projects in the works.  He will be at Dlux Expo this March for anyone who would like to meet him.  We went back to where his booth was, and decided we would meet up with him on Sunday to talk some more.  Though we were to meet up with Metalhead and Scott to head out for dinner.

Sunday we returned to the convention.  This being the last day, we made sure to go around and say goodbye to people.  Getting more photos.  Metalhead stuck with us through the day.  We made sure to take time out at Scott’s booth, for breaks.  I also made sure to walk the floor even more this day, getting photos of people wearing TMNT costumes, finding TMNT merch to look at, and checking out the artist in Artist alley even more. 

To my surprise Metalhead got me a wonderful gift in Artist alley, an original artwork page from Dario.  A great page of Michelangelo  waking up Raphael in the new IDW TMNT animated adventure comics.  I love the page a lot and was really surprised to see it.  Thank you Metalhead!

We said our hello and goodbye to Digger.  He was really busy this day, getting things wrapped up with the booth.  We found the Ty Beanie Ballz of Leonardo and Raphael.  And met a lot of other really cool TMNT fans.  Going back to Scott’s booth, we hung out there till close to the end of the day.  Scott has been a good friend of mine since 2005, so I like to see him at Comic Con.  This is also when we got the chance to do the interview that I shared earlier in this review.

When the day was done, we packed up and headed out of the convention.  On our way out I bumped into Gavin, one of the awesome writers who is working on the Nickelodeon 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  I got a photo at his booth with him, and we caught up real fast before seeing it was time to leave. 

Once again New York City Comic Con was a total blast to visit.  I am very honored to have gotten the chance to meet so many amazing people.  And even get a few interviews with folks who've worked on medias that I admire.  I am sure that we would have covered more, if health issues were not as hard on us.  Truly I am Thankful for all that we have done.  And Thankful for how kind everyone was to us.

Have you gone to New York City Comic Con?  Which year? What was your favorite booth? Panel? Guest?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.


Photos by Miki Ivey



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