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It was October 1989 as I went through the gate of this small house, leading to the backyard. A young boy named Jason comes from the side door with a coffee tin in his hands filled with action figures.  We sit on the sidewalk that lead to the back yard as he dumped the tin, seeing the normal toys come out from He-Man, ThunderCats and Ghostbusters, though amongst this crew of toys was a green short figure which wore an orange mask.  I picked it up and from that day forward I became the Turtle fan I am known as today.  Thanks to a small toy made by Playmates Toys.  So when I went to Toy Fair 2013, the booth that meant the most to me.  That stood prouder and bigger than any of the other booths in the Javits center was Playmates Toys.  Here is my review of this memorable booth and some of the Ninja Turtle items you could find inside.

At five pm on February 10th, 2013 Playmates Toys let a select group of press in to see their booth.  A large booth surrounded by walls which had the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plastered on them.  The line went down passing other booths as we waited for them to start letting us in.  Each of us had our names on a list.  People around were talking about what they wanted to see, as many mentioned the Bebop and Rocksteady figures coming out in the Classic set.  I mostly stood quiet, to just listening to the buzz of the fans around me.  I only talked a little with the three men behind me, who were going in as a team.  The line moved once as the first group went in, we stood there and waited for the next group only hoping that we would be getting in at that time.  Once the second  movement came, I walked into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Booth by Playmates Toys.

To my left was like a store with Ninja Turtles on shelves.  Toys mixed between the 2012 and 2013 line of TMNT.  Turtle Shells hanging there.  Pizza Parlor sets on the shelves below.  LeatherHead in package.  It is how I wish we could see stores again, so much space dedicated to the Turtles.  I walked around the corner where my group was lead, there was a dip.  Along the walls here was displays set up with Turtle toys, The Battle Shell figures, the first and second wave toys, and plenty of the new.  LeatherHead, RatKing, Training Turtles, and more.  These toys are set up on what looks to be the streets of New York.  As we see our first speaker who tells us a bit about what is in store for the Turtles in 2013, with the tv show, toys and more.  This here is Pat Linden, I interviewed him for the 2012 line of TMNT toys last summer.  So it was good to see him there.

They kept us moving so the next group could come in and hear their talk.  This was different from the LEGO gathering, as LEGO did not let people in by groups.  They just brought us in.  They did not have the different stations set up like this, while there was set up for the different toys, people went in their own directions.  I went through behind the crowd my first time to get photos to see the things I enjoyed.  Then I stayed in there to get more video, spending around an hour at the Playmates Booth.  Admiring everything they had to show us.

A big shout out to Pat, Jeff, John and Chris for being so awesome there!  They were the guys to talk to at the booth, each in their own station showing us the different areas of toys coming out.  And all willing to answer any question that was brought up.  Really a great group of guys.  They did a terrific job at keeping the booth in order.  Check out the video to hear a little bit from each of them about items at the Playmates Booths.

I did film the full time while in the booth, so I should be able to work footage into other reviews and such down the road as extra footage.  Showing up close some of the new things coming to the market.  I will do a review of what I saw for the sets of toys coming in 2013 soon.  Each set having their own highlighted posts.  Hope everyone enjoys!

Here is the video of the booth walk through.

Video Credits:
Video/Editing: Michele Ivey
Speakers: Pat, Jeff, John and Chris from Playmates Toys
Music: "Pink Day" by Voranski
Special Thanks to: Playmates Toys & LEGO
Location: Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

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OK, thanks. What's your favorite new toy coming out from playmates this year?

Michele Ivey's picture

Heh, I like the character toys... Rat King, LeatherHead, turtles in training ;) The RC Shellraiser is also cool. But I promise I'll be going over these in reviews hopefully soon.

Ah, OK. I'll just wait to see your full thoughts then. I also think the R.C ShellRaiser is pretty cool. I might get it instead of the normal ShellRaiser (I didn't buy it yet) but I have to see it in a video review or something first, because it seems smaller than the normal one.

That is so awesome! I can't wait to find Leatherhead at the store! :-D

Very well done, Michele. Good to see Bebop and Rocksteady again.

Nice review Michelle, but I have a few questions.

1. Will there be another part to this video showing off everything else from Playmates?

2. Are you going to share your personal thoughts and opinions on the new toys?

Also, I love that pic on top of the article XD

Michele Ivey's picture

1. There will be more videos, as I got around an hour worth of video plus a ton of photos.
2. That is where the other videos will be mixed into. Each booth I went to at Toy Fair will have high lights of what ever items I got videos/pictures of. To share my thoughts on these awesome items coming out. From Playmates, Sakar, and even colorforums! There is still LOTs to share!

Thanks! That photo is at the entrance of the Playmates Booth! :)