Review: "The Raven"

Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer who lived a hard life.  In his final days, he was found out of it and taken to a hospital, where he died.  The facts of his death remain a mystery to this day.  A new movie is coming out this weekend called “The Raven”, which centers on a time where no one really knows what happened.  The movie comes up with it’s own myth for the death of Edgar Allan Poe, showing us the last few days of what could've been his life, an adventure story of mystery, death and romance.

The movie starts off mentioning that Poe was found near death and how the end of his life was a mystery.  It shows Edgar in a park on a bench looking up at the sky as it goes back a few days, showing a crime in action.  The police are rushing to a screaming woman in a building.   As they get to the room, the door closes and locks in front of them.  Breaking through the door, they find a woman dead, but no way out for the killer who isn’t there.  Once a detective shows up and finds that a fake nail in the window is a spring action opening, allowing the killer can get away.  He remembers this from a story he read, a book by Edgar Allan Poe.

After calling Poe in about this, another death happens that matches up to Poe’s books.  This leads them to the clue of the next attack, where the police and Poe await to try and catch the man behind these crimes.  Though things go terribly wrong, the one woman that Poe plans to marry is kidnapped.  Now the fight becomes personal as Poe is in it to save the woman he loves.

This is a great movie that gets you to care for the characters, keeps you on the edge of trying to figure out this mystery, and includes a lot of action with wonderful costumes, sets, and a great cast of actors.  John Cusack plays Edgar Allan Poe.  He’s playing a tortured man who’s just trying to make his living and be with someone he loves.   I’ve never watched any of the other films that John has been in, though I can say he really showed some great skill in this film.  Brendan Gleeson plays the role of Captain Hamilton in the Raven, though he also has another movie we reviewed for this weekend, as he is the voice of the Pirate with Gout in the movie “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”.  Most of the cast were people I do not know that well, though there was a face that I knew.  Kevin McNally, who plays Maddux in The Raven, is “Joshamee Gibbs” in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.  He is one of my favorite pirates, that is the work I know him best in.  It was fun to see him in the film.

Written by Ben Livingston and Hannah Shakespeare this film keeps a really cool, dark and edgy feel to it as you want to see where things end up.  The director of the film, James McTeigue, who did a great job with keeping the right mood and camera work.  They did their research to make this a great movie for fans of Edgar Allan Poe to enjoy, while making sure that those who don’t know his works could also enjoy the movie as well.   Overall they really pulled off this film.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes action, mystery, and suspense.  People who can handle some gore as there’s dead bodies throughout the film as well as pieces of bodies.  It’s well written with some really good character growth.  A fun movie where you don’t want to miss any of it.  There was never a time where I felt the movie got slow or boring.  It always had something there to hold my interest, which is why I find this film to be one that many could enjoy.

Have you seen The Raven?  Are you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe?  What are your thoughts on this film?  Please share your thoughts, reviews, comments and questions in the comment area below.

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