Review: SideShow Collectibles Michelangelo

Cowabunga and Booyakasha, Turtles Fans!

My name is Leo, and I’ll be reviewing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comiquettes from SideShow Collectibles. All four of the bodacious statues in my collection are the SideShow Exclusive variations, meaning the quad of half-shell heroes have both their original red and multi-colored bandanas. Like a turtle do!

This week, I’ll be starting off with our beloved Michele Ivey’s favorite turtle, Cowabunga Carl-- I mean, Michelangelo. This party dude’s not fooling around, his expression is that of a killer! Somebody must’ve snuck the last slice; he obviously didn’t get it because his teeth are beautifully detailed and perfectly white. He’s crouching down in what is in my opinion the most unique stance of the fearsome foursome, with his right arm forward and his left one back; each sporting a pair of his classic nunchucks.

Mikey’s never looked better than he does here; SideShow’s attention to detail really shows (no pun intended). Look at the musculature! We can almost see the origin and insertion points in all of his muscles, and even the folds on the corners of his mouth. The different sections of his shell are skillfully crafted, and like all four of the statues, he retains his classic tail from the original comics! The pads on his knees and elbows actually look like leather, as does the belt he wears around his waist. Totally tubular, dude!

The paint job on Michelangelo is superb. When I first saw this sculpture, what stood out immediately to me is the details in his feet. Since he’s crouching down, he’s balancing his entire body weight on his toes, and you can actually see not just the musculature (his Peroneus Longus on both, for example, really stand out), but also the skeletal structure. Somebody at Sideshow really took his or her time to make sure that this turtle’s tootsies were as anatomically correct as a ninja-toed person could get, and it really shows. He might not have his trademark smile, but the authenticity put into this Capoeira Kappa is legit.

Mikey does have two downsides, however. Nothing that drops his value in my mind or in my heart, but unfortunate misses nonetheless. The first issue I have with him is the same for all his brothers barring Leonardo, and that’s that he has no visible holsters on his belt for his nunckucks. Each turtle carries a different set of weapons (or just one, in Donatello’s case), so it bothers me that there’s no specific visible means for them to holster their weapons like a ninja would. The other thumbs-down is; look at those nunchucks. They’re very nice; they have the chain links between them, you can see that they’re made of wood, etc. but they’re way too small. Small enough for him to hold between his fingers, apparently. What’s he supposed to do with those? Pick his ear-holes? They’d be slimey for sure if the Ninja Teen had nostrils! The Shredder would wreck those things! I wish his nunchucks were to scale; I feel the ones he has are way too small to be of any effect in battle against the Foot.

All in all, I love my Mikey. The Turtles wouldn’t be who they are without the Turtle Titan, and my collection of SideShow Statues follows suit! He’s the first I’m reviewing, but the third that I got. Stay tuned next time as I review the most troublesome of the bunch, Raphael! And I’ll throw some insight about the pain in the neck I had to endure in order to get him.

Thanks for reading! And special thanks to Ms. Ivey for giving me the honor and privilege of contributing to the number one spot for Turtles Fans; Cowabunga Corner!

See you guys next time; same Turtle Time, same Turtle Channel!


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