Review: TMNT Funko Blind Box Toys


FUNKO has been making some great toys as of recently that we have shared some of here on Cowabunga Corner.  Enjoying the POP figures for each of the Turtles, I have key chains of theirs hanging on the Cowabunga Corner Camera and there’s still so much to share.  One of the things they’ve released is their Blind Box figures.  With twelve different characters to collect it’s one of those things that fans can enjoy.  This video is an opening of two blind boxes and a few of their figures.

I personally am not a fan of the the Blind Box way of selling toys.  While I do like the toys inside, I feel it’s a big way of ripping people off.  Spending $10, and not knowing if you’re getting a character that you’ve already got or not.  That could result in throwing money away, unless you have friends who will trade for one you don’t have.  Trading cards as a kid was one thing, you’d spend $50 on a pack of them, and they were easy to carry around for trading.  But toys?  At $7 to $15 depending where you buy them, is asking too much.  Though I’m one of the people who put the money into their company, so they’re not going to stop doing this anytime soon.

I am not out after the thrill of the hunt for the toy.  I am trying to get the set of these well design figures.  Each Turtle, some bad guys and a few more good guys that are all based on the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with their own twist to the design.  They don’t move at all, they’re tiny but their detail and paint jobs are really well done.  When you’re paying for these toys, you’re paying for just the detail of the characters that you like. 

Interested in which ones I got?  Please feel free to watch the video.  Also a note for anyone interested all of the repeated figures already have homes now.  So right now there is none up for trading from Cowabunga Corner.  We will update anyone if that area opens back up soon.  These went fast.

Do you have any of the Blind Box Funko TMNT collection?  Which ones do you have?  Want to put yours up for trading?  Let us know in the comment area and maybe we can help find it a good home.  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below!


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