SDCCI: IDW TMNT Panel 2013

Comic Con International had four TMNT panels this year.  The first of these four was the IDW Panel based on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman.  This panel was to discuss the future of the TMNT series, what we've known, what we don't know and where they're going.  How characters came into the story and how the story could change through the different writers.

This panel was early on Thursday as TMNT fans gathered into the room.  I saw many well known fans from the internet including fellow bloggers from “Go Green Machine” and “Ninjapizza”.  Turtle fans gathered around talking as we waited for the panel to start.  Anyone that took the time to talk with me found themselves with TMNT stickers and candy.  We had in depth talks about our thoughts on the new shows, comics and even the upcoming movie.  Different fans joined into the conversations.  Once the panel started though we all sat back to watch what IDW had in store for us.

I have to admit this is one of the Turtle panels I was waiting most for.  Since the IDW series started their TMNT books I find myself getting more and more hooked to the story that revolves around the pages.  When I interviewed Tom Waltz last year I found how much heart was put into this book. This brings me to now, where we got the City Fall storyline starting strong, lots of good art and new Micro Series issues being announced. 

My thoughts on some of the stuff shared here at the panel.

- Bebop and Rocksteady:
They look very different.  Bebop’s legs are so short.  I think I can get down with both of their new designs.  From what I’ve seen of them as humans in the comics it does look like they are going to be a good addition to the series.  I am happy when we see the characters just kind of slipped in, even if they’re just background characters for the moment.  I assume that we will see their mutation in their micro series.  Of course I would not mind seeing it earlier than that. 

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Northampton
I love Northampton, MA.  I started going there in 1993 and still find it to be one of my favorite visit spots.  I always get excited to see the Turtles heading to Northampton. The image they show for this is interesting, as Leonardo is not fully back in his blue face mask.  This gets me to question what Leonardo is going to go through once he is free from Shredder.  This makes me just as hyped as I was for City Fall.  I hope to see some art that matches to the Northampton I know and love.

- Ross Campbell
Ross is being brought on as the artist for “TMNT in Northampton”.  I love his style and have to say that so far he is one of my favorite artist that they have on the IDW series.  I  am thrilled to see him getting so involved with the series and can’t wait to see the artwork developed for this storyline. 

- Mateus Santolouco
Mateus is being brought in as the lead artist for the IDW series.  He was first seen as an artist in issue five of the on going TMNT series and then was the artist and writer for the Secret History of the Foot Clan.  With all that he has brought to the series this is big news that he is our lead artist now.  His style of the Turtles is different, though is really good.  I enjoy the expressions and action he brings to the comic. 

- Shredder Micro Series
There was talk on what the 8th Villain issue was going to be.  At Comic Con they let it known that it will be a story about the Shredder.  Personally I look forward to this, as I’ve really enjoyed their Shredder and always find his stories interesting. 

The panel over all was fun and showed a lot of artwork by Kevin Eastman and the other great guests who’ve made TMNT what it is.  I highly recommend checking out the video posted if you haven’t already.

While we’re on the topic of IDW I’ll like to share the other IDW panel that happened at Comic Con.  This was the 4th TMNT panel, held Sunday morning and was about Kids Comics.  So not only Ninja Turtles, still Ninja Turtles were there.  In this panel they talked about a lot of upcoming Comic Book series such as Power Puff Girls and Samurai Jack.  Tom got up and talked about a new series called “Kiss Kids” that he’s working on.  Here’s the panel!

Did you go to either of these panels at Comic Con 2013?  What are your thoughts on the news?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below. 

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