Snap Review: WWE John Cena Deluxe Figure


There’s so many different products released every year that we have a hard time keeping up with everything.  From toys, food, and novelty products.  Wanting to cover everything we enjoy, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can take time.  Which has got me deciding to do some shorter reviews, just doing fast coverage of the product itself.  These are our Cowabunga Corner Snap Reviews.  Each review covering a different product, depending on what ever it is we have to share.  This episode covers Wicked Cool WWE John Cena Deluxe 31-Inch Action Figure.

This big toy is of WWE star John Cena.  It’s big, it’s full of detail and has some movement to him.  The toy really does look like the picture on the back.  It’s great for any fans of John, as I show in the video.

With mine I did add a few TMNT stickers to him, as he stands in my room with a bunch of other toys.  It’s neat to have these giant figures.  He can be seen in the background of some of the Cowabunga Corner reviews from this year.

Do you have the Giant John Cena?  What do you think of him?  Which version do you have?  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below.  


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