TMNT 2012 Action Figures Accessories and more!

With every new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys to come out they release a new line of accessories for those toys from cars, bikes, skate boards to what ever else they can throw into the mix.  We got a full new line of action figures just ready to be tossed our way.   This is one of the things that is required of the TV show, make things that can be sold as toys and use them in the show. 

We start off with the new Turtle Van.  It’s called the “Shellraiser”, which was originally a subway car turned into their car.  Don made it so this thing can drive on the road and on subway tracks.  While it’s got some cool features, it does not look normal at all.  This is one of the things that have annoyed me with the Turtles since the Next Mutation.  They should be trying to get some sort of car that would not make people turn their heads and say ‘what the heck was that?’.  In the Next Mutation they had the Hummer, no top on it and would ride around not hiding at all.  In the 4Kids series, they got an armor car and fixed it up for battle.  When an armor car drives by normally, people turn their heads.  And now we got this thing.

While the play value seems to be fun, the idea of it still sits in the back of my head as a bad idea.  There seems to be tricks you can do with the action figures with this toy, like make the characters spin and get thrown off to do attacks.  So there’s a lot more to this toy than what we see here in this one photo that’s been released.  The video talks a bit more about it.  This is another one of Donatello’s gadgets.  Though personally at this time, I think it’s his worse looking car yet.

Now we’ve got the new Turtle-Cycle... I mean Shell-Cycle... oh that’s right they got a new name for it.  Now it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rippin' Rider.  Ninja Turtles and their bikes.  It’s happened with each series, even the Next Mutation had Raphael riding a motorcycle.  So any surprised here?

With this ‘Rippin’ Rider’, the Turtles have their missile launchers on it.  Any of the Turtles can ride it and it’ll look great in your miniature garage of past Turtle motorcycles. It’s adding up to be an interesting collection.  Overall it looks good, and I’m sure it’s as much fun as the original Turtle Cycle, though I’ll always miss the Trash Can side car.

Now we have a new one. This is the “Stealth Bike”. Yes, a Stealth Bike.  It’s called that because the Turtles can hide under the shell from air attacks.  Personally, it’s a cool toy, but once again it just doesn’t feel like it’s all that Stealthy.   One it’s a motorcycle!  Those are not stealthy.   And if they want to hide from anything over head, it may be better to hide in something that will blend in with it’s surroundings.  Though I can see this toy being a lot of fun for children.  We were told about it at the “Mutation in Progress” event held at San Diego Comic Con International, so I knew this was one of the toys we’d see when the photos were released. 

Next up is the “Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard”. This over-sized skateboard does tricks and comes with it’s own ramp.  The video about these toys mentions that it’s used a lot in the new TV show.  I hope the one in the show is not nearly as big as this toy is.  I realize it’s this big so that it can pull off the stunts they want it to do.  Though at the same time it looks like something I can buy once and leave in package.  This gimmick is nothing more than a prop to try and make money.  I know if I was a kid, I’d want a skate board the Turtles would, at least, look the right size too when upon it. 

The last of the rides is yet another motorcylce. You can’t give the Turtles one without giving one over the the bad guys.  So here we have the “Dragon Chopper” which has the gimmick of throwing the Foot Soldiers off into a flip.  Would be interesting to see one of these work. Usually when I get a toy that says they flip, they land on their butts most of the time.  Really this is another toy I could buy and leave in package for the collection.

Now, one of the biggest things coming out for this new set of Turtle Toys is the new lair toy set.  I look at it now and see that there’s three levels with there’s lots to do.  Though there’s one thing that would make a world of difference to how I feel about this toy.  What does the lair look like in the show?   So far, I have not been 100% thrilled with any of the lairs that have been released because I don’t feel they match up to the show.  The 4Kids lair was really bad.  The original one was like “I got the feel, but I’m too small”.  This one looks like it’s large, but kind of reminds me of the 4Kids lair, where it’s a lot of gimmicks that you won’t be seeing used in the TV series.

I will hold off from really judging this toy until we see the cartoon and I can do a compare review of the toy to the series.  In this photo though you can see some of the other toys released including Shredder, Splinter and April.

Just going to add this in here since I don’t have much to say about these.  There is a new role play set of accessories coming out for the Ninja Turtles.  We see these with every new show; masks and weapons for children to play with.

The neat thing they’re doing goes to the sword, is Leonardo’s “stealth Sword”.  It glows and talks.  The voice on it is done by the same person doing the voice for the Nickelodeon series, Jason Biggs.  If this toy is released before the show, it may sell fast just so the fans can hear the new Leonardo voice first hand.

This is a lot for us to take in, as we’re getting more fun news from Nickelodeon of things to come.  The big questions remain, when are these toys going to stores?  Which toys can we buy first?   And just how much do these toys relate to the new series to tell us what we are going to see when Nickelodeon does give us this show.   Only time will tell on these answers, but personally I can not wait!

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You know Ivey, I understand your point about the Next Mutation hummer and the 4Kids Battle Shell, but I hope you keep in mind the reason they make the Turtles' vehicles flashy and stand out like that is so they appeal to kids. Even the original Turtle Van was done that way.

Michele Ivey's picture

True, they need to stand out to kids. Though the van did it with just paint and stickers type thing. There's weird normal vans driving the road all the time. I've seen stuff from big shaggy dog vans to just really colorful vans. Most normal people wouldn't think twice about it, so the Turtle Van is the best. It looked good for kids and it was something that wouldn't draw as much attention as a subway car driving down the road.

The same thing always goes through my mind when I see turtle vehicles. You'd think their top priority would be keeping a low profile. They're not just ninjas, whose goal should always be stealth, but they're also freakish outcasts who don't want to be noticed... right? It makes me wonder if these concepts ever cross the minds of the folks who design this stuff.

One idea I really like about this subway car, though, is that at least it does allow them to travel below ground. When you think about that, there's no better way to get around unseen. If they only drove it on land in secluded areas, the whole situation would make sense.

Overall, the new vehicles disappoint me just a little because I don't care much for the sleek, fully refined look of the hardware. It always made more sense to me that they would use whatever junk they could find to cobble together makeshift gear. I hoped that the new show would take that approach, but oh well.

I know it is old news but I just found out about the new TMNT coming out this year. I was way excited and decided to look for the action figures that would be coming out. First thing I stumble upon is the youtube video of Michaelangelo. I was shocked at first as he did have three toes. After a while I began to like him and couldn't wait to purchase him. I mean I could never remember Michaelangelo being so appealing before. Once the video was done I decided to check out the other turtles especially my favorite, Raphael. Once I saw them I fully understood why Michaelangelo was so awesome looking. It is because they swapped his color with Raphael's color!!! Here I was so stoked to buy all the action figures and playsets and have a complete series for once and then I find out they ruined my favorite turtle. Why did they switch their colors... Why!?!?!?