TMNT 2012 Deluxe Power Sound FX TMNT Figures

Nickelodeon has released a handful of TMNT toy photos and information at the Toy Show this week and I have been taking the time to share with everyone my thoughts on the new TMNT toys from what we have see in the pictures.  I have not yet got the chance to play with these toys or observe them to see how I really feel about the toys. Though, personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on them to add to the collection.

Today I’m covering the Deluxe Power Sound FX TMNT Figures.  These are the taller toys from the Nickelodeon series, with springs in their arms and legs that make them do sounds.  The sounds last as long as you hold the arm in place.  So if it’s doing  “Cowabunga” and you hold the arm for a long time it will do “COWWWWWWWWWW”  until you release it for the word to finish speaking.

Looking over these four toys reminded me of the TMNT 2007 Movie Talking Turtles in the way that they seem to stand and how the mouths are all open.  Though it’s clear that these toys are not the same ones we saw in 2007, as the design is new.  We have each Turtle with their three toys, but the legs don’t pop out as much as they do with the normal action figure line.  There’s also less detail given to these Turtles than we saw in the action figure set.

With Michelangelo, the first thing I notice is that he’s got two nunchucks like he originally did.  The chucks are connected by solid plastic, not a chain.  Basically this is a way to show he’s not an action figure like the others. Though Mike’s toy is the only one where the weapon will be this different.  This is the first sign of detail being dropped down a bit with these Turtles.

Michelangelo’s face appears to be one of anger.  His mouth is wide open with angry eyes.  The disappointment here is that every Mike toy coming out this time is upset.  Another thing that I noticed is they are not nearly as articulated as the other sets that are coming out.  This is so they can focus more on the gimmick than on the other play values of the toy making this just a big talking Turtle toy, much like the TMNT 2007 Talking Turtles were.

Donatello also seems angry here as well with an open mouth.  The thing that surprises me here is that photos released of the Nickelodeon Turtles shows that Don has a gap in his teeth, though this toy shows him with all of his teeth. Looking over Donatello I notice again the paint job is not nearly as good as the action figure line, as his belt, including the little sliver rings that held it together is all one solid color, which matches up to his other wrappings, besides for the ones around his fingers. 

Raphael looks the most like his TMNT 2007 counter part, as his skin tones and even body shape reminds me of that old talking toy.  The biggest difference here so that you know they’re not the same is the front plastron.  The 2007 toys had it so you pushed the front plastron down and you heard them talk.  Now you have little slits in the front plastron that looks like it’s for the speakers so you can hear the Turtle talking, since the controls are now in the arms and legs. 

Leonardo has another face that looks like it’s holding back from smiling, a face I would more picture on Michelangelo.  This is based off of a new series, so I could be missing something here.  It just feels as if these two turtles had their heads mixed up somewhere along the way.   Just like the other three Turtles you can see the slits in the front plastron and the lack of details.

These are not my favorite toys, because of the overall lack of detail given to them.  If they at least took the time to color the wrapping, belts, and weapons the correct way these would be better toys.  Also, if Michelangelo had the chain for his chucks, it would have been better.  Size shouldn’t be the issue, even the original Giant Turtles from 1990 had a rope and could swing around in a circle.  It just feels like they got lazy and wanted to do these toys cheap, but sell at a higher price due to their voice boxes.

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I love the expressions on these TMNT.

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