TMNT Games are to be done by Activision

Video Games has always been a large part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles History.  Starting back in the 1990’s with the Nintendo system, Arcade, and so much more.  We’ve watch the Turtle games grow and change throughout the years. Since Nickelodeon has got the Turtles fans have been asking “Who will be doing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game?” and today we got the answer as I saw on twitter from Nickelodeon UK PR “Pleased to announce new global deal between Nickelodeon and Activision to produce Turtles video games.”  This is big news for the TMNT fandom!  Finally a TMNT game.  Their source from the information is here.

We’ve often heard people go over what their favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games are, with some good ones to choose from.  I personally talked about the TMNT video games in “Cowabunga Corner #31” as I’ve played as many Turtle Games as I could and each version that I had the chance too.  From Konami to Ubisoft I have loved most games of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  So I for one am excited about this news.

With Activision I can not say that I am up to date with who they are or what they’ve done.  Though the same was how I felt when Ubisoft got the games back in 2007.  They were a new company to me, since outside of Ninja Turtles I am not a big video game player.  Looking over a list of video games that Activision has released it looks like there are other hero games I would love to try my hands at.  And I see Spyro on the list which is a game I’ve enjoyed before, but I know the earlier versions.  So I can not give a big opinion in one way or another about Activision and how their game play is.  Though I promise that once the game comes out, we will cover it here on Cowabunga Corner.  We are hearing the first of three games that are in this deal will be coming out this summer.

There are many types of video games I’d love to see come to the market.  Of course hearing one based on the new cartoon series is the best news I could wait for.   I have been loving the new series and keeping up with the reviews of every new episode here.  It should be interesting in how they use the villains, as I hope to see Snakeweed, The Kraang, and the Foot Clan with some Purple Dragons in the new video games.  Though I also have high hopes for a new LEGO TMNT video game.

For those who have not caught on, there is already a free LEGO TMNT game on the LEGO website.  This is a fun memory game so far from what I’ve seen.  As you remember the buttons to pess to get the Turtles to do their Ninja Training.  So while we wait for Activision to give us the big news for a mainstream video game release, let’s enjoy what is out there for us fans.

What are your thoughts on Activision?  Do you play their video games?  What is your favorite video game they done and why?  Also have you tried the new LEGO Training game?  What is your thoughts of this fun game and do you want to see LEGO release a full game for the main gaming consoles?   Please share your reviews, questions and comments below!

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i really hope there is a Lego TMNT game for all consoles.

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I so want one. I'm hoping the mini game on the LEGO website is good hint that there is one coming.

For the most part Activision done a good job with their Marvel Superhero games the only games they didn't do well was the last X-Men game and the two tie in with X-2 and X-3. If you want a team to handle the Turtles hope Beenox get them because their last 3 Spider-Man games were very good.

Exciting news! I cannot wait! I hope it's kind of like the first 2003/4kids game, but a little better, with boss battles with Snakeweed, Spider Bytez, Dogpound and Fishface, and even more! Also, I hope it supports 4 players (one for each turtle) as playing with friends would be really fun that way!