Video Review: TMNT Travel Kit


There are so many toys on the market for Ninja Turtles, that it’s easy to overlook the other times that can make great gifts.  We don’t want to leave some fun stuff out, so when it’s found at stores or donated to us for review we try to get it up here for all to see.  In this review, I am joined by our guest co-host, Alopex to share a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Travel Kit.  Based on the Nickelodeon series this TMNT travel kit has fun stuff compacted into one box of entertainment. 

Inside this box we found pop out stand up Ninja Turtles, markers to color them and stickers.  All the stickers are small enough to fit onto one sheet.  Though the stand ups have one character per a pop out.  These are fun, as you have different poses for the Ninja Turtles.  And just enough markers to color them.  While this not a full set of the rainbow in markers it works for what this set is for.

In this video I color a Michelangelo popout as Alopex colors a Leonardo.  We give our views on the product, how much fun we have goofing off with it, and if we think fellow fans could enjoy this.  I personally do enjoy art sets as I feel they help inspire fans to be creative and help bring their characters to life.

I recommend this for fans who like doing art projects young and old.  Young fans would enjoy playing with their little stand ups when they’re done, while us older fans may enjoy displaying them.  They do make for nice pieces to set around that you can tell a story about if someone sees it.  Share how you colored it, and if you choose not to go with the normal colors, why you chose the colors that you did.  Just another way to express your fandom to the world.

I do not know where this can be found on the market.  I’ve only seen it at the Toonseum so far.  I hope fans who are interested can find and pick up this awesome set.

Do you have the TMNT Travel Kit?  If so, what is your thoughts of it?  Have you opened and colored any of the Turtles?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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