We're back 2016

I am so sorry I’ve been gone so long this time.  I will openly state that this was the worse year of my life with health and stress.  But we’re not here to talk about that, instead what’s to come on Cowabunga Corner.

We want to start bringing you stories again here on the website.  Starting this week, Kodak Moments will be returning with photos from my past and present, which may or may not connect to stories already here on Cowabunga Corner.  We have pictures from my personal life to photos from TMNT events dating all the way back to 1990.  Kodak Moments are simple stories, done for fun and usually are posted on Thursdays.

Review: Nickelodeon TMNT "Baxter's Gambit"


Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #60

Welcome to episode 8 of Cowabunga Corner Season 3. In this episode I share some video that was taken in 1993 of my trip to Orlando, FL.

Originally planned to just show the MGM Turtles, though when I realized how short this blog would of been I decided to share some more of the trip. Covering both Universal Studios and Disney World.

Cowabunga Corner #31


In this episode I talk about the Ninja Turtles video games. This is only my first posts about the video games as each game will get their own reviews down the line of blogs, I just wanted to go over and touch a handful of the games. I know not all of the games are mentioned here, and sorry if I missed any you really like. Hopefully I’ll get a review of the game itself up soon.