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Review: LARP TMNT Toys

Role playing is something well known these days.  To the point that they release the TMNT Role Play sets, with weapons and masks.  Though for the first time ever, we’re getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles role play set taken right from the cartoon series as Nickelodeon got the TMNT to LARP (Live Action Role Play) in the episode “Mutants and Mazes”.  Here is my review of these new action figures.

Review: TMNT 2014 Role Play sets


Review: Old #TMNT RP

There are many different ways to embrace a fandom.  I personally have done so through fan art, traveling, wearing the clothes and buying the merch.  Though one area that I have also taken part in, has been online role play.  This is not something I speak of often, as the role play that I took part in is no longer open or even around.  Though there was a request for a review of the old game, so this is a write up to share a review of a game I truly enjoyed.

This role play started back in late 1996 goofing around with friends on DalNet, an IRC server.  I run the #TMNT chat room on the server and would joke around with my friends who logged on.  At first there was no storyline, or even real a role play going on.  It was just us playing off of each other.  In Spring 1997, we started to get a storyline going and the game begun. 

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TMNT 2012 Action Figures Accessories and more!

With every new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys to come out they release a new line of accessories for those toys from cars, bikes, skate boards to what ever else they can throw into the mix.  We got a full new line of action figures just ready to be tossed our way.   This is one of the things that is required of the TV show, make things that can be sold as toys and use them in the show.