World Steam Expo: Girl Genius

World Steam Expo: Aegis 2011

In our coverage of the 2011 World Steam Expo, Star and I came to a room that had some interesting stuff going on.  We went in and talked to the different workers who ran this room.  Personally, my favorite thing in the room was the knife throwing.  Check out our video here to find out what other cool stuff this group does at the event.

Michele Ivey's "Cowabunga Corner" #60

Welcome to episode 8 of Cowabunga Corner Season 3. In this episode I share some video that was taken in 1993 of my trip to Orlando, FL.

Originally planned to just show the MGM Turtles, though when I realized how short this blog would of been I decided to share some more of the trip. Covering both Universal Studios and Disney World.

This video is one of the first Cowabunga Corner episodes to share some of my other interest as I let audio from the past tell about parts of the trip, over lapping the matching video. There will most likely be another episode down the road about this trip, sharing some of the Turtle stuff that did not make it into the video.

World Steam Expo 2011

The World Steam Expo.  Steam Punk?  My first thought was Punk Rock, and I never was a fan of that.  Though people tried to explain it to me, even showed me web pages and videos for Steam Punk, the full idea just seemed so different to me.  I was not grasping the idea of this event, and once I read the events at the expo I almost felt like it was a fashion show with many panels on how to put your costumes together, making the props, and being in character.

CCN World Steam Expo Thursday 2011

Welcome to Cowabunga Corner news. This weekend we're covering the World Steam Expo in Michigan. This video was taken Thursday, sorry it's so dark though we don't have our own lights to set up so we're going with the light from the hotel.

Hope everyone enjoys, we'll be trying to do daily updates of the World Steam Expo and we'll do some write ups for the website!